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Jul 19, 2013

Meeting and Greeting Essay For Class or Std 6 (443 words)

By Akbar Ali(443 words): Meeting and greeting are the two integral part of human life; which keeps him energetic, social, youthful and beautify his disposition. These two parameters also play a vital role in human success and failure. Meeting means coming together. Greeting means act of welcoming a person or gesture used to greet a person or you may say expression of goodwill. 

Human beings have to daily come in contact of other or have to attend a meeting for maintaining sociability and interpersonal relationship for total life balance . Sometime it become necessary to meet with other board, member or association. For example many of us have to attend an interview to get a job. At this situation controlled and dynamic gesture for greeting works better for success. A businessman maintain meeting properly in his life and greet everyone with charming, gesture to put feel-good factor on customers. 

Now I am telling how to keep very good gesture for greeting a person. It is most important thing to get feedback of self reaction from third person. The third person can notice the negative points of completed greeting. It is necessary to control ourselves without falling in high emotion. For example sometimes during explaining about any near and dear , few person loses his emotional balance and start weeping lightly. These are negative point of a person and exhibit weak personality. So emotion must be managed. It is only possible when one remains attached professionally to his track without falling into overspeaking about the man. Eye contact , good gesture, proper used words, strong mental balance and depth of knowledge  are the mission focus to achieve strong greeting disposition and are the key of success in all walk of life.
People are usually hungry of greetings and good words. One good praise can make anybody's life full of charm for one day. Your one 'good morning' can make other to remind you for whole day. So    we must not left any  opportunity to send greetings and also must not miss to meet with near and dears. Now a days sending greetings has become very easy with mobile. We can send a message to hundreds of mobile numbers with a single click. Communication has not been so much exciting and simple as of now. We must also use social media to influence others by virtual meeting and greetings. In this case facebook and twitter are the two magic tools. Now a days our social power is being counted for our success in personal as well as professional life. So we must empower our greetings strategy to disseminate free greetings to make our surrounding happy and loyal to ourselves.Meeting and Greeting Essay for class 6 In Hindi

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