Jul 29, 2013

330 Words Short Essay on Health is Wealth

By Akbar Ali, (330 Words):  

We can find many advisors looking into the proverb 'health is wealth' and overlooking his own health. Free from diseases does not certify healthiness.

Maybe yours all routine tests of the body are healthy and in normal range, but if you are suffering from stress, uneasiness then you will not be  said to be healthy. Satisfaction, contentment and entertaining lifestyle are the sign of healthy life and good health. Running behind wealth has become an objective of today's people. The madness of wealth accumulation is giving no spare time to them for thinking about their health, and thus the lifestyle of today's people has become idle, unsocial, lazy and inactive. It doesn't mean that they are out of their sense of health. Not at all, they think that after becoming wealthy they can  somehow gain health, but time after time, they become trapped in the addiction of money making game. After few years they retort sitting on the bag of wealth and trying to get rid of hypertension, diabetes, overweight, indigestion etc. At the stage of end objective of wealthiness their race of unstrategic madness doesn't end. It is noticed that they take a second race of getting rid from diseases and thus loses accumulated wealth behind doctors, hospitals, Jim etc. As far as I know these  people loses their life balance and indispensable proper timing of their early lifespan; when they could remain alert, awaken and tuned in.

Very simply everybody should remember the childhood's little poem 'early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise'. Walking daily for about 4 km can boost metabolic activity and thus and can keep body free from unwanted calories and fat deposits. Walking increases the blood circulation and thus provides extra oxygen for brain. According to scientific research it is listened that we should provide 20 percent extra oxygen to the brain at least once a day. This keeps us fresh, smart, less strenuous and much healthy.

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