Aug 1, 2013

A Beautiful Day Essay for Class or Std 6

Mothers Day Flower
By Azra Ahmad (229 words essay):

A Beautiful Day is just enough to cheer one for many days. It gives the feeling of valentines day flowers.
It was July 1995 when I was in Pandveshwar. I had gotten ten days leave from my school. I went to my relative house who; were residing in Darula Colliery near Pandveshwar. It

was cloudy day from very morning. I get up and decided to go out to enjoy the natural beauty. I actually like nature and if it is scene of a cloudy day then it is the perfect day for perceiving the day's happiness at fullest. There was no chill of the Sun. The breeze was getting cooled by cloudy weather. I went to a place just like a valley slope. The place had full green grass. It was very conducive and compelling. Everything was looking green, cool and clean. I sat on that place and played my small music player with natural instrumental music. The atmosphere above the field was so clean that till now I couldn't forget. I stayed there for more than two hours and still was waiting the rain. After that my wait came in coolest of the way. The light rain created a mind-blowing, heartfelt experience. I was out of strenuous homework and class work. And I enjoyed all the day holistically. I often remember that sweat memory whenever I see any natural scene. I also become inherently passionate while discussing that day's beauty.
 Abstract type. Read this part also.
(150 Words): It is dreamed at night to have a beautiful day for happiness, success and satisfaction. But the thought angle of having a beautiful day for various type of people are different in context of individuals present undergoing events. I want to clear it. For a student sitting in the examination wants to have  solved all the questions. A businessman abrupt day's gain can keep him happy for long time. A cricketer recalls its century for many day and feel very proud. A topper in a competition usually bring back his mind of the day when he listened his best  result of his life.   
A beautiful day can put cheer to others, even then many don't want to happen it for others. Our prudence must be behavioural and coherent to make other's day beautiful. This concept will return same beauty to us because God is very creative and made us social.
Are you satisfied with the two parts of the essay , then ok otherwise suggest please what can be added to make this essay more beautiful. 

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