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Aug 15, 2013

Letter How to Get Wrong Payment Made through Paypal to a Merchant

This letter/email letter complain is for getting back payment from a merchant of Paypal ; which the merchant has stolen or done fraud with you. As Paypal has very high reputation of payment gateway, therefore the Paypal team will help in this regard at their best. They also don't allow a fraud company or websites doing wrong to the common man. I have real experience of getting back my stolen money from a fraud website. I complained on August 14, 2013 and the Paypal solved my case on August 21, 2013. I am thankful to the great support, trust, believe and worthiness of They have recovered my $30.00 and assured me that they can also recover any other expense if the seller has taken from me. The solution of the transaction is produced below  the letter. 

 You have to login to paypal account. >Click on contact us>Select the drop down options> copy paste your message>click on Submit.

Remember one that all the supportive documents must be linked to this message to support Paypal team to help you better. The documents submitted will be a great help to solve the matter. This letter is per my best knowledge. Their may be better solution than this process, but I don't know that.Ok 
Now read the letter to help yourself and help the whole internet community. 
I made this payment On August 10, on the website. as given below in the payment confirmation email ;which you sent at my mail (, but I  noticed that the  payment has been finally gone to the merchant of paypal (xxxxxxxxx); the details of which is also given in your payment confirmation email given below (copy paste the payment confirmation of paypal sent at your email).

They assured me to provide copyright for my blog by enabling my ID and password to upload my content. But I am unable to login with my id and password. They are not responding. I have checked their all partener website e.g.,, and

I am suspecting that the website is fraud and stolen my payment of $30.00 through your payment gateway.  

Please click on the link given below to see  the payment confirmation page; which I taken as screenshot immediately after making the payment.

I need your help to get back my stolen money from the merchant (xxxxxxxx ) either to my Paypal account or through the same payment gateway; through which the payment was made.
1. Payment email confirmation sent by paypal.
2. Screenshot of the final payment made to the merchant,if you have taken the screenshot. I maintain it while paying on the internet.
3. Full details of the merchant to which payment has been made.
The above are the documents required to get the payment. No-1 is the most required document; which everybody receives by Paypal. I have submitted no-1 and no-2 documents and   got the solution.
Below this line copy paste the confirmation content sent to your email by paypal. 
I think Paypal team will help at their best to recover your payment or provide better solution. I have got my money within 12 days.
I want to inform everybody that their is few website of USA or other country to which the fraud website can be recorded to blackout these kind of fraud websites . Here I am giving the links of those websites,

Transaction Details
For security reason few identity has been omited and written as XXX.

Seller's Name: Objective Concept
Seller's Email:
Seller's Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Transaction Date: 10-Aug-2013
Transaction Amount: -$30.00 USD
Your Transaction ID: 7K682818HT175552R
Case Number: PP-XXX-533-525-XXX

Buyer's Transaction ID: XXXXX818HT175552R


Click to zoom the screenshot.

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