Aug 15, 2013

A Letter to Your Friend Describing for Experience about your last Visit to U S A

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Date: July 06, 2013
My Dear Taher,

I could not write to you as I was out of station. I have along with my family went to USA for 20 days. USA visit gave me an adventurous spirit about this country.

After this visit I came to know that USA is not just about big cities but  also enriched with natural beauty. Monument valley stretch, Arizon and Utah as well as the National park of Montana and New Hampshire are my beautiful experience. USA is made up of 50 magnificent states each one uniquely different to the brim with unique attractions and culture to leave a lasting impression on our heart.

If you say to define USA in one sentence then I will say the plane of USA, glaciers of Canada the deserts of Mexico and the rainforests of Costa Rica is the united state of American. There we also saw Los Angeles's Hollywood walk of Fame and San Diego's old town. Times square and statue of liberty in the city of New York really touched my heart. This visit left and indelible impression on my mind.

With love to you.

Your ever

XXXXXX[Name of Writer]

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