Aug 4, 2013

Politeness in Behaviour Essay For Class 3

Politeness is an inbuilt quality of human life which human beings have from  very beginning in variant degree. It is quite hard to maintain it all around the life for an arrogant person, but if he gets practice of it then it can deliver more praise  and honor to him. We should bear politeness in our behavior, but we are acquainted with it that it is not a creative quality. Many of us are not blessed  with this quality. Actually God has not  gifted everybody with equal virtue. That is why we learn many things here in this world. 

Where should we follow the conduct of politeness: While talking with other we should use polite words and we should also show polite behavior to them. For example we should say 'thank you' after getting help from others. We should say sorry for our mistakes. We should always use 'please' for disposing our good behavior. We should say 'you are most welcome' or just 'welcome' if anybody say 'thank you'. We should use 'excuse me' word if someone gets pushed by us. We  should use 'pardon me' for our wrong answer or reply.

Please is very important word which should also be used in our applications and letters. Sometime please is written 'plz' in short. We should always ask permission using 'may I' words. e.g. May I come in Sir. May I take this paper. May I go to toilet (while taking permission from teacher). We should not enter an unknown house without permission. 

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