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Sep 7, 2013

A House On Fire Essay For Class 6 (281 words)

By Azra Ahmad demanded by :281 words: It was very terrifying experience of seeing a 'house fire'. Few years ago there were more numbers of huts in villages. The villagers used to cook food with wooden type fuels. At those times caught fire in houses was very common. The villagers were used to extinguish the fire also. For controlling and extinguishing the fire the villagers had their own plan of uniting all and acting in common at these types of incidents. I was five years old when I saw a house on fire. The house was besides my house. My house luckily was of concrete. From my birth I was unaware of huge flames and blaze. I heard sound of fire (like bhooooo!!!); which was completely horrible. A man started shouting after seeing the blaze of the event. In a few minutes many men were running with tremendous pace and bringing water from the nearby well and hand pipe. The ladies were operating many hand-pumps. They attacked the fire. It was very much frightening scene for a child likes me. About 60% of the villagers were doing their best to put out or to reduce the flame as much as possible. One thing I noticed that there is much force and power in unity. The house fire was controlled very quickly. The best thing was that the fire was controlled such that other nearby houses remained safe. The enthusiasm and self actuating power of all were the exemplary attitude and dedication for today's people who wait for other to act.   The scene was so frightful that it was not wiping out from my mind. The house got destroyed. 

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