Sep 5, 2013

Adventures On a Magic Carpet Essay for Class 4

By Anusa: (600 words): Carpet is a covering used to cover the floor etc. Adventure on magic carpet is a renowned subject in context of Disney magic carpet story or Aladdin's magic carpet story. I watched Aladdin Magic carpet cartoon yesterday. I liked it much, but I didn't expect that it will carry in my mind such that it will make an entry into my dream. 

Last night I went to bed at 10 o'clock. At the time of sleeping I was thinking of Aladdin and his magic. I was looking into the sky. The stars were twinkling. I was thinking about this cartoon's story. I don't know when I fell into sleep. Later I understood that I was dreaming after that. Now I am narrating the dream. It was a sandy place alongside of a sea with some varieties of small and big plants. The coconut trees were adding more beauty to the place. It is the place; where I was standing in the dream. After a while I was walking away from the seashore. Suddenly I saw a white colored big palace. The palace was shining and catching the glimpse of everyone. I moved close to it and entered inside it. I looked here and there, but there was no one inside the palace. I saw that there were many things, but my eye stopped on a bright light coming from a corner. I moved slowly and slowly and saw a beautiful carpet. The carpet was of blue color. I tried to pick it, but it moved away from me. Again I tried, but again it moved away. Third time I succeeded and got it.
I opened the carpet, but suddenly it started to fly taking me on it. I started to cry because it came out of the palace and was flying high in the sky. After a while I was feeling adventures with the speed of the carpet and was enjoying the beautiful scene of the sky. When I saw downside then I surprised completely because I was flying at an unexpected height. The cities were looking small. Now fear of height and coming down method was striking in my mind. When I looked at my left side then I found four buttons of four colors. Then my fear turned into querying mind. I leaned down and I pressed one of them and noticed that the carpet was coming down. Again I pressed another button and noticed that the carpet was going up. I tried other two buttons and found that the carpet was behaving like a friend. Now real adventure of flying carpet is fulfilling my lifetime dream. I increased the speed of the magic carpet to cross over a sea. Within few minute I crossed the sea and come near the ground. I saw a poor boy walking on the way. I felt very sad and I felt angry on the rich people. I snatched big money from a Business man and flew away. Within a minute I went to the poor boy and gave all the money. I was very happy by helping the boy. The boy was  shaking hands with a smile I was also shaking my hand. Suddenly my mother slapped me and was telling angrily that at sleeping condition you are beating me again and again. Get up and be prepared for the school. I was stubbed because I was out of a beautiful dream. I told my mummy that If she could wait a little then I could see the happiest moment of the dream. My mother was laughing at me.


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