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Sep 18, 2013

Joint Family Essay for Class or Std UKG (kids)

By Akbar Ali: (274 Words):

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:Joint family system is the joint custody of preserving the need, requirement,  values of all members with common interest. Here all the members are required to follow the set guidelines of the family head. Bigger activities carried out with joint operation and the achievements always comes in high magnitude. There are many examples of joint Hindu family business that set exemplary landmark in history.  The head of the family has maximum liability and power. Generally he is the oldest member of the family. Every member has great respect and owner towards the head of the family. It is the main secret for the success of the joint family.
In a joint family there is big advantage of power of unity. There is less fear from pugnacious people. In a society these type of people are bigger headache for the safety of the family. Troubles  are shared by all the members therefore stresses seem to be very small. But the bigger disadvantage of a joint family is that no one can live with his own rules and style. He has to compromise always with common available facilities, resources, eating habits, entertainment limitations etc. Sometime few inferior member faces bigger problems and that usually remains unsolved as it is not brought forward to the head of the family. The biggest problem of the joint family is that few members feel discriminated  and believe that they are less prioritised member and they feel ignored by the head of the family. In history it is one of the biggest cause of failure of joint family system. Also it become the sole issue of birth of nuclear family concept. 

This essay is to be made point-wise for kids and also sentences are to by simplified. Few of them has been done for you.
  • There is one head of the joint family.
  • He is the oldest member of the family.
  • Head of the family has maximum liability.
  • Every member feels stress free and follow the guidelines only.
  • Also he has superior power in the family.
  • All members follow the order of the head.
  • There are beg advantage of joint family.
  • Every member has big respect for head.
  • Joint family has power of unity.
  • There is less fear from the pugnacious neighbors.
  • All members share pain of each other.
  • In this way many points can be created with the help from the above paragraph.
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