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Sep 14, 2013


By Saleha : (160 words, Suitable for class 4): Till now you have read many essays on 'my ambition in life to become a doctor
This essay written by  Sleha is very much innovative and unique.
 So read it. Hands up for Saleha.
Everyone have a dream in his/her life.
Everyone have one aim in life.
AIM mean a one dream which he/she wants to do .
AIM is the name of to prove yourself .
AIM is only one in our life.
AIM is of many types like dreams everyone wants to prove his/her self.

"prove yourself as you want."
"Love your dreams to make yours AIM successful"

Everyone have AIM in life.
But my AIM in life is make my country well-standard.
I love my country.
I want to make my country one of the best country in the word in the field of ARICULTURE.
PAKISTAN is one of the best AGRICULTURAL country but due to some crises our country cannot make progress. But I want to make my country agricultural
so I decided that I make some CHEMICALS which can make one country AGRICULTURALLY developed, prosperous and beautiful.

This is my AIM in my life. 

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