Sep 1, 2013

'My Garden Essay' For Class 4 455 Words

By Azra Ahmad: (455 words): Before Starting garden essay let us first look few top 'garden design' of the world to get a pleasant feelings and to get an idea of 'gardening' -- French Garden, Mughal Garden of Taj Mahal, Royal Botanic Gardens.
Garden means 'A piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables.' Synonyms of garden are  park - yard - pleasure ground. Garden captivate us with its beauty. The most beautiful characteristics of the garden is the green color's sensations . The green color conduces feeling of happiness whenever we see a garden. Bright gestures are disposed on our face . God has granted the most beautiful green color to us which is the widespread ornament of a garden. 

Garden is very much advantageous for healthy living. It gives good looks ; that keeps us feel good even when our mind is upset. It gives us fresh oxygen with the help of green plants. It repute our house and introduce personal touch to the guest and relatives. It generates our physical involvement and thus keeps us healthy , therefore we need not do extra exercise to burn out our calories.

The garden can be made good looking and charming with flowers, vegetables, guava tree, palm tree, lemon tree, papaya  and fruits. Flowers alone can not provide real beauty to the garden. Medium size tree planted with certain layout can make a beautiful garden. 

I am fond of gardening. I have sufficient space in front of my house.  I have planted two palm tree near the two gate pillars. The path from the garden gate upto house door is paved with cementing work. The two sides of the path have flowers and medium size tree ; which give real beauty and shade in the sunlight. I planted low height shrubs along the two sides of the entrance path. Besides shrubs and flowers, I also have guava tree, medium height mango tree, lemon tree and custard tree. These tree gives us few fresh fruits/vegetables. 
For gardening few gardening accessories are needed. They are towel, shovel, hoe, pruners, wheelbarrow and water hose. 
One thing to be remember that if anybody really wants to have a nice garden then it is to be remembered that the plants need food and water to grow . But we always forget it. 
Gardening is todays most demanded need to mitigate the  global warming and to stop the natural calamities. Recently the cloudburst , flashflood and landslide of Utterakhand (India) has given the sign of natural unbalance for which we are responsible. Therefore it is our utmost duty to be a cause of adding balance to nature by planting more greenery  and support a little help to combat natural calamities. 


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