Oct 12, 2013

Water Pollution Essay for Grade or Class 4

478 Words: Water Pollution is the process of making water unsuited for usability or we can say that degrading its natural state to an impure condition by discharging directly or indirectly unwanted material into water. The effects of water pollution are very destructive and suicidal.

Watch these photographs to grasp better idea to think more collectively about water pollution. Each photo snap is telling the story of our contribution in water pollution.

When most important need of ours is easily available in sufficient quantity then we become habituate to ignore its value. Water is the only reason of all living beings on this globe. Despite knowing this, we seldom care about its importance and we are calling the deadly anticipated water crisis scarce of our future. God has gifted water to us in the ratio of 3:1. Three part water put its abundance on one part of land. It looks like that water is everywhere but Fresh water is nowhere.
Why water pollution is unstoppable: Water pollution is a vital issue because only 2.5% of Earth's water is fresh. Today's big problem is that we are thinking water pollution threat globally but we are not acting locally on it. Day by day fresh water is becoming more scarcer. 
Once upon a time fresh water was available in abundance in pond, lake and river after that the availability squeezed to bucket. Now it is coming in bottles. In future I think it will come in 100 ml vial. Therefore it has become most vital to check water pollution by reducing self-bad practices of discharging waste besides pointing finger on others.

Causes of water Pollution:- The top contributor of water pollution is the factories wastes ; which includes wide spectrum of chemicals and pathogens . The concentration of the naturally occurring substances like sodium, magnesium, calcium and other wastes set the definition of contamination. Because it is difficult to decide that which concentration or percentage  is natural and which one is contaminants state , therefore many of us accepts our waste discharging participation as natural level of adulteration and accepts it very easily.
Conclusion: We must be aware of ourselves activities and other problems of water water recycling process photopolluting pathways and note it down. We should use social media, print media to inform about the ill channels to the government bodies for saving the purity of water. Only factories are not a big contributor but our plastic wastes are putting highest threat on the purity of water and the doing most for polluting water. Water recycling is the today's needs and 'water pollution solutions, so our leading agencies and the Government should invest in this sector to generate employment and should kill two issues with one arrow. That means we have to think to incorporate the water pollution prevention sector as business process development. In this water pollution can be prevented at greater rate.

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