Oct 9, 2013

Holi Essay For Class 10 in English | Composition on Holi or Fagua or Fag in

Holi is celebrated in India from ancient time. Originally it was known as "Holika [होलिका ]".

When Holi is Celebrated:

According to Hindu panchang this festival is celebrated in Falgun the last month of Hindu calender year and the last full moon day of Falgun. The festival is celebrated for two days. The first day's event is small but is very important according to Hindu Book. It is called Holika Dahan in Hindi. On second day people throw colors on each other. It is called Dhurendi or Dhulendi or Dhulivandan. Holi sonngs are sung by many in group with dhol instrument. Every one embrace each other and forget old bitterness and reestablish friendship. The round of throwing colors on each other and singing Holi songs continue up to noon time. After that people take bath and take rest after taking delicious food. At around 3 pm they go to ohther's home and apply Abeer (one type of dry color) and embrace with love and affection  and finally present sweet.

Way of Celebration:

Holi Essay For Class 10 in English | Composition on Holi or Fagua or Fag in

This popular festival sends the signal of emergence of spring season. Holi songs and the chant of Holi song are very special and colors make the occasion ecstatic, delightful, frenzy and beautiful. Nature plays another vital roles in redefining the propensity of colors by escalating its beauty at extreme condition. Flowers raises its attraction in the garden. Animal, birds, plants and human beings are supplemented  with exuberance.  Wheat-plants ripe in the farm. Farmers happiness come out and enjoy this scene. 

Mustard flowers blossom in the farm. Children, old aged and all people sinks in the passion of dholak, manjeero and Jhanjha and dances by singing holi songs. Everything looks colored. 

As Holi is celebrated in the Hindi month of Falgum, therefore it is also called Falguni. It is celebrated in the month of spring (vasant वसंत  in hindi) therefore it is also called vasantotsav ( वसंतोत्सव ).

According to historians trace of Radha-Shyam,  cowman & cow-women's  holi festivals were in vogue at the time of Aryans. But it was celebrated in east India only. Marks of this festival is also found from the ancient manuscripts of  Narad Puran, Bhavishya Puran . In Sanscrit literature Spring season and spring festivals were the favourite subjects.

Famous muslim Traveller alberuni describe about holi festival (holikotsava) in his historical reminiscence . many muslim poet wrote in his poem that holi festival is not only the festival of hindu but it is also celebrated by muslim also. During Mughal The holy of akbar and jodha bai and that of jahangir and Noorjahan was also found in historical book. In alwar repository jahangir has been shown playing holi. At the time of shah jahan holy was known as is Eid-e-gulabi.

Many stories are connected with this festival. But the story of Prahlad is the most famous one.

It is heard that in ancient time there was a demon ( hirankasyap)who was extremely powerful. due to his ironic power he declared himself as god. in his kingdom he intercepted god worship. his son prahlad was devotie of god . hirankashyap has became angry by the worship and devotion of his son prahlad and punished his son very hard. he ordered holika to take prahlad in his lap and to sit in fire. it was seen that holika had burnt out but prahlad was a life. for the memory of this day holika dahan is celebrated every year. 

There are other stories connected with the holy but I am not writing those were here.

Change in Holi Song:

Today's holi celebration has been changed slightly. instead of phag, dhamaar, chaity, and thumri bollywood songs are being played in today's time. people are drinking and using chemical colours in holly. but many people are still there who believe and celebrate holi with traditional costumes and values. the importance of holly is increasing and becoming international many people globally are taking advantage of this opportunity.

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