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Nov 16, 2013

A letter to the Editor of a newspaper For Frequent Power Cuts

'Power supply in India is not an issue as India in today's time has much potential of power generation.  Today's transmission system has backup power from many grids. But due to certain local problem there are still many problems those need to be arrested and to be solved. Out of those problem one is chosen and same is raised to a newspaper editor.
The question may be like this.

 Question-Write a letter to editor of a newspaper drawing to attention of the rities concerned to the problem of frequent power cuts power ( failures today  ) in your locality.
Self Address


Address of the editor e.g.
The editor
The statesman

Frequent power cuts in our area have become a very big problem in our day to day life. There is hardly any area which is not affected by this problem. The whole society and system are paralysed for the time being.
We are suffering from this problem from several days. We are not getting proper electric current for our work. It has become a headache thereby obstructing our daily life routine. We are not able to use our gadgets because of this load shedding and thus we have become digitally blind. In this hot and humid summer we are frequently falling ill and also not getting a proper sleep. Students are the worst sufferers of this problem. Our annual examination is knocking at the door we are not able to study properly and also we are unable to prepare fully for coming examination.

I therefore request you to highlight this load shedding issue of our area so that the attention of the authorities of our service station can be drawn up on this problem.  I will be highly obliged.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
Class 7


  1. actually i had got this topic as my first english hw letter so when i saw this i got to know this is exactly what i very very happy thank u always ill visit this website n take all d things i want frm here only.again thanks a lot...wonderful n d best website

    1. OK Disha Madan keep watching my other blog also :

  2. thanks...wonderful site i just got what i wanted...thanks once again

  3. Sorry... I didn't get what I wanted..In ur website. Very disappointed. But good letter. Once again extremely sorry..

    1. Please Search on this site hhtp:// . If it is still not there.then please write your demand . In the comment box.


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