Nov 20, 2013

Essay On Winter Vacation for Grade 2

By Azra Ahmad (435 Words): Winter  vacation falls in the month of December and lasts for about twenty days from December 14 to January 7 in Indian school.  The school's yearly function is inaugurated  every year just before the commencement of the winter vacation. The highest attractions of this vacation is the winter carnivals, Christmas celebration and New Year's enthusiasm.  It is  entertaining, exotic and cherishable moments for all of the students.. We usually prepare for our group dance  program, for about five days before to deliver our best in the function. For this, special permission is granted by our principal. Dance, singing, poem a elocution and drama are the main events of my school. After the program, our teachers takes us to our respective classes. There we receive our gift packets one by one. We also receive a toy from the school. After that we return back to our home happily.
The above sentences are kept simple  to make feel the student of class 2 that they can write an essay about winter vacation . Now i'm adding few quality sentences so that the students above average level could add more quality to their essay.
Off-peak pricing, of the vacation packages make it very tempting to go for an outing after the school break. It is compulsory to take the students from out of  box. Their formal education process makes them dull and confined. An outing during vacation time make them to realise the physical touch of life and provide an opportunity to learn by watching  thing out of paper. This enhance their imagination and also boost their power of coordinating the physical realisation with the paper reading and theories. Winter vacation is a short holiday for a jaunt. Confining Children within books only, is detrimental for their proper mental ability. In the course of vacation preparation they learn to account everything from micro to macro need of life. Their learning is all inclusive from vacation ideas, travelling's pros and cones and their obession of knowing more the facts and reality of tangible world.

Before vacation few planning and preparation is must. First set the vacation place that should be best vacation destination out of many choices. Watch few travel sites and get a budget idea. Get general idea about the destination with the help of google map. It is a great tool to make decisions if the tour is done without travel agents. Contact travel agents to compare the package with your self budget planning, but be careful of fraud travel agents.

For my vacation experience watch this essay. A TRIP WITH YOUR FAMILY DURING THE CHRISTMAS TIME


  1. Thanks Neetu for commenting. Keep reading featured essay , because these are the gems of this site.

  2. I like this essay very muchhh

  3. It's very difficult for the students of grade 2 but it's good

  4. It's very difficult for the students of grade 2 but it's good


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