Nov 1, 2013

Essay on School Bag for Class 5 Problems and issues

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Watching our children  back to school with overloaded school bags leaning towards front side is very disgusting and pathetic. School bag remains overloaded on each school day. Despite class routine, few teachers do not maintain standard practice of school routine. One disease has been spread throughout all the English medium school in India of recommending  book list of extra and unnecessary books.These books unnecessarily add extra unwanted load on the spine of student's backpack. Despite few teachers being inconsistent of not maintaining class routine, they often punish students if they fail to bring even a note book.
Overloaded Schoolbag has become a big issue for today education system in lndia. Despite school routine the English medium education  is heading towards wrong and confused path. You should be thinking right now that  I am a mad, no! Not at all. Actually school management and teachers are mixing two right decisions in wrong direction thereby unbalancing the goal of  children's future. Children should not carry a bag which weighs  more than 15 % of their weight (as per report of spine - health. Com) . That means if the weight of a child is 100 kilo gram then he can safely carry 15 kilo gram weight. If their back are loaded beyond this normalcy then there might be a problem in their spine. This is as per instruction of doctors. Sometime it has been noticed generally a child of 20 kilo gram weight is carrying a bag of 10 kilo gram; which is just 50 % of his body weight. He is doing wrong job for right goal   to  become an intelligent unhealthy nation wheel. 
No any school may certify itself of maintaining its school routine in proper way because in my opinion each and every child is carrying an overloaded bag nowadays. 
Bag sellers are one step more advanced than school book list. They are selling school bag of different brand name for luring students to buy a good bag viz. 
teenage school bags, school bags for girl, stylish school bags, best deal for school bag price etc. Every body of our society is busy in maintaining and enhancing their business and monetary gain is the soul fundamental. Everything is happening in scientific way.
I recommend to everyone to by a school bag which keep balance of the back of the children. You can watch photograph of varieties of school bags here.  
old school bag photo image pictureHere i am sharing one real story. I think in eighty decade, school of Utter Pradesh state in India was in different look. Children used to sit below tree shed on sack. Square size cloth was used to carry books and it was in vogue at those time.  one of our step elder brother of our family was always carrying overloaded bag. It used to take half an hour to bind this type of without stitched cloth (used as books bag).  It's prepared shape looked like a temple in which bigger dimensional books or note books were kept at bottom. The step brother of our family always used to carry maximum books . This overloaded backpack's weight was much beyond his normal carrying potential. When he grown up, it had been noticed that impact of that overloaded bag deformed his normal back posture. His spine had gotten deformed and his body had become completely inefficient to do job of normal person. He is still suffering from this problem.

I therefore advise guardian to rethink about this and if necessary unite with other parents and resist against school management to make structural and meaningful change in the school's bad practices to lighten the children's burden. 

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