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Nov 5, 2013

Flowers and its use in Our Society Essay For Class 4

By +Azra Ahmad  : flower photo image pictureLotus, Jasmine and Rose flowers have highest cultural presence in our society. Flowers are close to our heart for its delicate bloom, appearance, aroma and its beauty.  In our childhood whenever we start drawing then flowers mentally coerce us by its natural beauty to sketch it first. Three most important things close to human heart are song, child and flower. Flower is the garland of groom, bed decor of the newly married couple, honor of the leader's success, blessing indication of God , best substitute of worshiping need and many more.
Sometimes luck is wished with flower. Hindus offer flowers to Gods as a symbol of devotion and love . Lotus flower has highest value in the Hinduism. It is looked upon as purity of beauty peace and prosperity. Flower juice is an important ingredient of honey.  Flowers also have big roles in scent. Internationally every nation recognise one flower as a national flower. E.g.Lotus is the national flower of India.   Flowers opportuned poor with handsome income. Florists know the value of fresh flowers. So they started online flowers selling.

Edward Bach experimented with the essence of flowers in 1930. This belief was utilised by Homeo Pharmacy. He believed that every flower had a vibrational pattern of healing energy. As per Bach remedy walnut flowers- used to treat nervousness, clematis-given to increase concentration, star of Bethlehem -lessens shock, larch - to build confidence, cherry plum - to calm fear and white chestnut - encourages a positive outlook.

In Homeopaths diluted essences of flowers like arnica, pulsatilla, aconite and calendula in an oral solution used to deal with emotional problems.
Rose-product- Rosehips; a healthy tonic being rich with vitamin C were used during the second World War.

Flowers also have anti-inflammatory properties and are useful for relieving joint pain.
Let us watch 'Flowers' pictures - click here.

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