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Dec 15, 2013

Letter to the Editor about importance of good manners

This letter will reminds everybody regarding good manners for kids and works as alarm to learn the importance of etiquette for children. Remember that teaching two good words "please" and "thank you" is the starter mantras of  good manners for children.

Question: Write a letter to the editor stressing on the importance of good manners in our day to day life.
The editor
The statesman
Chouranghee Square

Dear Sir,
l take the liberty to put your attention on the importance of good manners in day to day life.
It is becoming necessary for people to give importance to good manners. Many people in our society still talk rudely. They have no manners to talk with others. A sense of politeness have been erased from their conscience. Especially children are required to know and practice good manners, because now a days many children do not respect their elders. In school some children never pay attention to their teachers in the class. That is the result why some children are unable to score good marks in the examination. We must also behave nicely with our friends.  Everything including politics, country's rules or school norms,  it's administration and its following, should undergo under a coherent environment of good manners. If we do not keep a good relation with others no one will help us in our problems. Individuality is increasing and integrity is deteriorating; which is becoming detrimental for the growth of our nation. We must check it. Political leaders are overtly misbehaving other leaders and showcasing bad manners thereby sending wrong message for baddness of good manners.
Therefore    I would like to draw your attention of today's situation. You should highlight the issue at the top level for drawing attention of the mass so that good conduct and manners could be restored for the welfare of our society.
Yours faithfully,

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