Dec 19, 2013

Story Book Characters I would like to meet Essay

By Anusa : 534 Words : For Grade 4:
Reading book is in my habit. I read books of good story to learn, imagine and explore my creative thinking beyond the limitation of unexplored feelings of human beings. Sometimes few story characters make a print on my mind. Out of those important characters, one story character "Popstar Keira" ( Barbie in the princess and the popstar story) influenced me up to the bottom of my hearty feeling. Let us watch images of Barbie in the princess and the popstar-click
The story  which contains the more events and activities about a character sometimes become the hit character of the story. And it's main role draw the attention of the reader at greater scale. So it compels the readers to discuss about the story's moral fibre among their friend circle. And sometime compels to write our feelings  about the main persona. So here is the my feelings about my favourite character to which I would like to meet.
Barbie in the princess and the popstar is my favourite story book character. Barbie in the princess and the popstar is a 2012 American Comedy Fantasy animated film produced by Rainmaker Animation and Universal Studios Home Animation. The movie is focussed on Tori,the princess of magical kingdom Meribella Keira, the world famous singer and of two younger sisters of the young queen Tori. The film is based on the movie Barbie in the Prince and The Pauper. The princess and the popstar have a magical secret that lets them look alike. My favourite story book character is Popstar Keira. She is a calm type of girl imagining to live like a princess. I like her songs collection especially, the song "Here I Am" which tells about her life. It tells that how she got to be a popstar from her childhood. This song also inspires me a lot to do something great. She is a great character for me. Another thing I like the magical microphone of Keira which she use to change her outfits, hairstyles and shoes. She only says the dress or outfit number and the dress changes within fraction of seconds with the microphone. If that microphone would with me then I used to change my dress, update with any hairstyles and especially the shoes. It would be just like a magic for me. Keira also had a pet animal with her named Riff, a cute lovely dog which loves Keira very much. I love the black patches on that doggy and also he is a cute animal. Also Keira is a smart, beautiful, brave and helpful girl.
All these are only imagined by a person who have a great interest in this subject. Keira is a imagined character by Zeke Norton, director of the movie and story book writer. I love this character because of her personalities and want to have a dream meeting with her. I am producing below;  what I liked in the story book and the movie.
"Here I am, being who I want
Giving what I got
Never a doubt now
Here I go burning like a spark
Light up the dark again..."
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