A complain letter to health officer about cleanliness

Write a letter of complaint to the health officer for action needed to keep your locality clean.
Self address
December 28 2013.
The health officer
XXXXX (Name of the organisation)
XXXX (City name).
May I draw your kind attention towards negligence of our municipal corporations for not solving our cleanliness related issue of   of our area ( xxxx Road ) .
We are facing this problem for many days. Last year the street was cleaned properly. But for several months it has not been cleaned during recent time. The scrappers are dispersed here and there on the road. Which looks very dirty. It is polluting our environment. Drainage system is very bad. The dirty water and sanitation water are not been drained properly. Due to this bad smell are being produced in our locality . Mosquito and flies are breeding rapidly thereby causing a big danger for malaria, dengue and other diseases. The street dust bins have not been cleaned because the cleaning staff are not doing their duty for last few months.
I therefore request you to kindly take immediate steps for the proper cleaning of our street. I shall be highly obliged.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully

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