Politeness Wins Many Battle Essay for Class 10

Politeness is a great virtue of human beings. It is an original quality mainly God gifted by birth and partly learnt from own surroundings . It is praised, loved and liked by all . Politeness creates feel good environment and brings comfort instantly . It is the first step of better cooperation to win battle. Many big issues can be solved easily and bitter relationship can be sweetened with a small input of politeness without  investment of  jealous,  irritation and mental stress. Few words like Thank you, sorry, welcome etc always add high value to our personality. But only using these words are not sufficient. There should be a good gesture, positivism and smile while dealing personal relationship. These are partly intrinsic quality of human beings and partly developed from childhood time through proper parenting. And also can be adopted even anytime in life by practicing.
I am telling one small interesting real story. Politeness is such a quality that is liked by others even if they know that it is creative and manipulative. Suppose you do hard work and do not behave your boss politely. Your rating will be very low. If another subordinate do little job and behave with his boss very politely he will be rated higher than you. It is just because of the politeness behaviour. There was a cloth shopkeeper; who use to deal with his customer by greeting them by leaning his head and half body with a smile and used to say "sir, what can i serve for you." This behaviour was completely new and odd in the market. But by applying this simple behaving technique he had lot of permanent customers. And he was regarded as smart businessman. The customers know that his polite behaviour is creative from business angle, even then large mass of customers liked him. In this way he was making difference in the business of selling same product in the same market. One day I also went at his shop and realised that he was extremely noticeable and was very much successful in his business. After giving the cloth he again used say "sir please come again . We are to serve you better in coming days with lot of your choice." Like this he has many good words to see off customers with a positive note. 

So it is better to sell your personal branding with the politeness that cost nothing but deliver much. It is a great tool to become winner in all sphere of life. 
For example you can win the eye sight of interview board by replying with politeness packed with positive disposition and winning gesture. 
But there are certain situations in your life; where politeness may be dangerous. For managing discipline at home or at school harsh attitude is needed to exhibit stern conduct for keeping law and order intact. 

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