Jan 4, 2014

Cooking Dinner with Dad Essay

By Anusa: 469 Words: I am telling about an incident that forced  me to cook food with my dad. And mind me it is amazing to learn by doing anything.  This cooking event imprinted one great tip that the best way of learning is by doing anything we choose in our task.

I am noticed myself that I have interest for watching cooking particularly meat or good vegetables. Sometimes I used to stand beside my mother and used to watch the process of cooking. Preparing food attracts me and inspire me also.
I am telling one interesting event of life. Once I and my father was caught in a problem  of such situation that we become bound for cooking. In fact it happened in  absence of my mother. The reason was that my new cousin baby sister was born . Therefore my mother had to stay with my aunt to take care and look after the baby for 12 days. I was alone with my father, but after few days l got the news from my dad that my grandfather is coming to spend few holly days with us. As my grandfather was old , we decided not to put any burden on him.  So my father and I decided to cook food together. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable because  I was totally amateur for cooking. But one fact I didn't know that my dad can cook food. My dad trained me with short demonstration in my kitchen. He showed me the steps of using gas oven, Induction heater and Micro Oven. He also gave me very important tips of recipes preparation. Short plan is very important to start for 'what to cook'. First we made our dinner. I was feeling better as we cooked successfully without any mistake. It taught me many things of cooking, chopping, frying, deep frying, roasting etc.
My father discussed with me a about all the steps of the dinner that we prepared. I found myself very much known to cooking methods. It built a lot confidence in me. In the next morning I cooked the lunch alone under guidance of my grandfather, because my father was in his office.  This time I had tackle everything from nail to mouth. My grandfather only guided me. Ultimately I cooked two types of vegetables, rice and pulse. I felt very much Happy after doing this . My father astonished after watching my success of cooking. He told me that I became self reliant in cooking. He also advised me to go through few Youtube videos of cooking.

Few things I want to share with my friends. Make a short plan for 'what to cook' today. Get prepare for recipes before burning the oven. Be careful and aware of safety rules of kitchen. Maintain hygienic methods while cooking.

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