Jan 8, 2014

Healthy Lifestyle Essay

ltroduction: Way of behaving, leaving, walking, talking, eating, decorating, judging, valuing, expressing, managing  etc of an individual is called his lifestyle.  It  differs from person to
person. So this becomes a matter of big concern. We know few people are best managed and are more successful in 360 degree. Because these kind of people are very much strategic in controlling all life's activity from micro to macro level parameters.

 Source of various lifestyle- Many habits adopted and accepted and fixed for life becomes the lifestyle. Parents and his religion are the two most affecting sources in human lives that manifest the mood, emotion and behaviour. And these are the deciding factor for lifestyle of a human beings. Therefore healthy lifestyle injected at childhood time works great for human beings. 
Healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle is one that reflects the standard habits of eating, treating and working  behaviour to protect and preserve good health  at most thereby compromising other things but not the health related materials. These kind of people does not eat everything blindly when offered. Their stomach is not a dustbin but is cared very carefully. These people maintain their body mass index (BMI) in normal range.You can know your BMI from this website. It is one big step of keeping us free from diseases. When we remain health concious then everything goes normal. It is because health is at the top in the priority lists of bigger mass of the people. What should we eat, how much  should we  eat , how much should we play or take exercise -all these become more important for us. Whenever any abnormality noticed in the body these type of people take it sereously and used to get the sufficient information from their friend circle, internet and doctors. Finally these people arrest the starting of the bigger danger at very early stage and live comfortably and complete their lifespan with peace and happiness.
Tips of maintaining healthy lifestyle:
*We must eat healthy foods in proper and required quantity. How much one should eat is very important ; that can be calculated with the help of BMR( Besal Metabolic Rate).
*We must invent to control unnecessary eating. E.g. We can substitute one biscuit eating by half and ultimately avoid it completely. 
*Whenever we remain free for a while, we should breadth deeply.
*After every two hours, we should do meditation or pray NAMAJ (for Muslim for five times in a day).
*We must walk at least 3 km @ 4 to 6 km per hour at least 4 day in a weak for fitness of our physic. Daily walking is best. This is to be judged and calculated as per your daily energy consumption level. It can be calculated also with the help of BMR.
*we should follow healthy eating habit according to food pyramid.
*We must not be obsessive to complete daily's targets, but we should execute those as per set priority to avoid unnecessary stress. 
*For most busy person only- These kind of people must tender their all daily tasks to smart phone to keep their mind relax. These smart phones are boon for these people. 
*We should always commit for "How to lose weight".

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