Jan 30, 2014

Essay On A Magic Show You Enjoyed

A Magic is an art that uses spells to show mysterious things and outrageous events overtly. A Person  who practices magic shows is known as magician ( or illusionist ) . In ancient time there were prevalence of institutions to learn magic and to teach magic. There are available magic book, but magic crazy people are less in today's time.
Magic is usually done by tricks. Recently with my family I went to see a magic show of world famous magician PC Sarkar ( junior).
My father bought four tickets for us. It was of 3 to 4 hours show. Various Ticket classes  and its tickets rate were as given below:
Member - Rs.  100
Associate member - Rs. 200
Guest- Rs. 300
V I P - Rs.  500
First we  entered the hall and took our seats. The hall was very big and beautifully decorated. I was  very much excited to see it. Because it was my first time I was about to watch a magic show. The light of the hall were switch off and the darkness spread in the hall.  Few guidelines where announced before the show. These were : no one will roam here and there while the show goes on.  It has been instructed not to eat anything during the show. All were also advised to switch of mobile. And everybody advised to keep silence. And they also warned not to make video.
The show started with a leser show with charming bollywood songs and frills.  Each event was an innovative glimpse of happiness for me because it was my first magic show of my life. The first magic shown by the magician was of writing on blackboard without seeing it. He surprised everyone by writing the formula of (a+b+c)^2🐍   with closed eye. The formula questions were written on the board. The magician write the right hand side part with closed eye.
Next he balanced the girl on the tip of the sword. I was shocked to see it that how he is balancing the girl . The third was very risky magic because the magician was going to cut himself into two pieces. It was awesome magic show. I really enjoyed  the show very much.


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