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Feb 20, 2014

A Complaint Letter against a Student

To file complains in official matter or to school is to be dealt carefully by going through the reason of the complain.
 So we must answer these question. 
1. What to complain 
and 2. How to file a complain?

To the point answer will be the correct way to complete the letter.
Here is a sample letter for a student who had been beaten by another miscreant student.

Question: Write a  complaint letter to the class teacher against a student who has recently beaten your son or daughter severely.
The Class Teacher,
XXX School

Sir/ Madam
Respectfully g beg to say that one Student named xxx had been severely my son (XXX) on his back at the time of school closing period on 18-02-20/4 . g noticed a dark spot at the back of my son .
(xxx) had been misbehaving physically my son for whole session of class Iv . 9 ignored and thought that the problem might got solved .
But this time the matter has crossed the bearable limit .
I therefore request you to kindly take necessary disciplinary action against (xxx) and oblige.

Thanking you ,
yours faithfully
F/0 (XXX)
class x
XXX School

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