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Feb 15, 2014

Prime Minister Essay for Class 9

Prime minister is the actual head of the government and PMO Office is the  coordinating window between PM and all ministers in the parliamentary system like India. Prime Minister leading with his team of council of ministers assist and advise the president in discharging of executive power to shape and control about all national affairs. He has to respond and responsible for all national functionaries, economic  affairs, future drive to strengthen nation in all respect.

Prime minister office (pmo website-,  National Security Council(NSC), prime minister relief fund etc are the assisting bodies to the Indian PM.

Role of the Prime Minister: The role of Prime Minister of India is very important for guiding nation wheel in right direction. His thoughts,  conviction and determination can provide nation a wonder of success as he carries the highest execution power of the cabinet. His dedicated service to the nation without fear and favour and ingenious potential can wipe the tears of every citizen.

The Prime Minister of India is the chief of government. He is chief advisor to the President of India. He being  leader of the majority party in parliament , leads the Council of Ministers. Sometimes deputy Prime minister assist the prime minister to bring political stability and sometime to provide strength to  coalition government. Sardar BallavBhai Patel was the first deputy PM and L K Ad want being the last PM. At current there is no any deputy PM. The salary of Indian pm is Rs. 160000.00.

Power of Prime Minister:
Prime minister has the  highest executive power in the parliamentary system cabinet( core group of ministers ). He can propose legislation in the cabinet and can dismiss any minister. He also allocates the different ministry to MPs (member of parliament). Some ministries are not located to anyone  but are headed by pm only. These are :
*Department of Space;
* Department of Atomic Energy;
*Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions;
*Ministry of Planning.
The unallocated ministries remains with the M'S portfolio.
Prime Minister is the highest representative of government of India at high level International   meetings. He being an advisor of President of India addresses nation regarding various issues.

Highest qualified prime minister: Dr. Manmohan Singh(13th and
current PM ) is the highest qualified PM not only in India but in the world.  It is our fortune to have the highest qualified PM as Dr. Manmohan Singh; who ignited economic reform in India when he was finance minister in Narsimha Rao government. Few person politically affiliated tagged him with unusual words. But history will judge the upside, downside, achievement and successes of all the Indian PM. I being an electrical engineer want to confirm that the success of the PM like him will cause history to  print the golden words in Indian success story. Soft words and cool mind with great intelligence  chart out the unmistakable footprints and overcomes the unprecedented national challenges.

Qualification of other prime ministers:
Pt. JawaharLal Nehru- Barrister.
Smt. Indira Gandhi- The great part of her education is Santiniketan . She had undergone schooling from European and British schools like Santiniketan and Oxford. Had weak academic carrier. Due to this she couldn't completed degree.
Lal Bahadur Shastri- He achieved first-class degree from the Kashi Vidyapeeth in 1926
Morarji Desai- He has graduated from Wilson College, Mumbai, he joined the civil service in Gujrat.
Rajiv Gandhi-For College education he went to UK and studied at the Imperial College London and Trinity College, Cambridge.
He was an average student and failed to receive a degree from either college. Become pilot in Indian Airlines.
V.P. Singh- B.A., LLB, B.Sc., Allahabad & Pune University.
P V Narsimha Rao- B A from Usmania University and Master Degree in law from Nagpur University.
Atal bihari Vajpeyi- He graduated in Hindi,  Sanskrit and English from Laxative Bai college Galway.  He completed MA from DAV College Kanpur.
I. K. Gujral- He got education from DAV College, Kanpur,
Hailey College of Commerce and Forman Christian College. Sir I. K. Gujral  has been honored with doctorate degrees ( including a Ph. D and a D.Litt. ).
List of prime ministers of india from 1947: at PMO office and at wikipedia with pics

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