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Mar 17, 2014

An Honest Boy Essay

By Saurabh Singh (213 Words):Keywords:honest work,honest abe,honest stories
One day there was fair in the village. All are very happy, they were excited for fair but there was a boy who was very poor and he had not money to buy any thing from fair. His name was Rohit. All children were happy, they were excited for fair and for buying different things from fair.some children buy balloon, some children buy different toys. They buy ice-cream, sweats, samosa, etc. from fair. But Rohit was sitting on the bench near a shop and saw the fair. He saw some boy buying toys. He also wanted to buy many thing but he had no money. After sometime he saw a man whose 500 rupee fall from his wallet, when he was buying a teddy bear but the man would not see this money. Rohit go there and he took this Rs. 500 and gave to that man. Rohit told the story that how Rs.500 fall from his wallet. The man say thank you and ask everyone should have a thing who is in fair but you don't have anything, why? The boy replied that I am a poor boy , I had not money, so I had not anything.The man said you are an honest boy. The man gave that 500 rupee to Rohit and say this is a reward for your honesty. Rohit was very happy and said thanks uncle.
Keywords:honest to god, honest jobs,honest reviews, honest business, honest living.

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