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Mar 15, 2014

Co-Education or mixed-Sex education Essay | 411 Words Co-education Essay For class 6

Co-education in school or college or mixed sex education or mixed-gender education is ironically a debatable subject. Importance of education to both the gender is compulsory for the betterment of society. However we need to assess the positive and negative impact of co-education. It's the urgency for the present social acceptance of women's respectability and for measuring ethical change of our global and local societies in past time. It is because few recent cases have put a question mark on co-education system.  

Before 19th century co-education was not widely accepted but In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, co-education grew at larger scale and become much more acceptable. At the end of 19th century 70% of American colleges were coeducational.

There are advantages and disadvantages of co-education. But according to the present situation co-education at school level is becoming dangerous.

Advantage of co-education: Social interactions create a better understanding between boys and girls.  Girls feel sense of equality in the society. Both boys and girls become known to many bad habits of each other. This can keep them alert for taking decision in future while achieving maturity. Boys get better treatment from female teachers and their wildness is contained. Sex doesn't remain a barrier for admission process in the school or colleges. If parents have son and daughter then they have option of putting their both wards in the same school and feel safe. Wilder relationship of boys towards girls are minimized as they become used to interact smoothly without hesitation and shakiness. 

Disadvantages of co-education (coed): Both boys and girls distract from study. Full concentration is lost. Teenagers get accidental pregnancy. Group fight occurs among the boys because of few good looking girls.

Let us explain a recent case of a school (the city name is kept hidden) two school girls of 12 and 14 years of age had got pregnant and their parents were completely didn't know the blunder. Symptoms became noticeable after seven months. Now they have to suffer the one time mistake for whole the life. These dangerous events cause to give birth of children by the children. The children were most probably unaware about the sex related issues. Doctor can't do anything after this stage except going for delivery.

There are some example of brutal murders of girls by the so called psychic lovers boys .  It is disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the educational system.

I think co-education at school level should be banned.

Few facts :

* The first mixed-sex institution of higher learning in China was the Nanjing Higher Normal School, which was renamed National Central University and Nanjing University.

* In China Muslim Hui and Muslim Salars are against coeducation, due to Islam, Uyghurs are the only Muslims in China that do not mind coeducation and practice it.

* In the United Kingdom the official term is mixed,[8] and today most schools are mixed.

* In England the first non-Quaker mixed-sex public boarding school was Bedales School, founded in 1893 by John Haden Badley and becoming mixed in 1898.

* Cumberland College in Princeton, Kentucky was the first college founded by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and was one of the first American institutions to accept female students.

* In American colloquial language, "coed" or "co-ed" is used to refer to a mixed school. The word is also often used to describe a situation in which both sexes are integrated in any form

* Some argue that coeducation allows males and females of all ages to become more prepared for real-world situations,

Source of the Few facts: Mixed Education: Wikipedia  Keywords: education, education in Pakistan, co education in Pakistan, co education essay, importance of education

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