Mar 27, 2014

Essay on Air Pollution For Grade or Class 6

Air pollution is contamination of unwanted substances with normal and natural air that is undesirable and unfit for use and also are harmful for living organisms.

Air pollution can also be defined as :

Introduction of harmful chemicals and gases into the Earth’s atmosphere, causing discomfort and harm to humans and other living organisms. It has adverse effects on humans and ecosystems.

Source of Air pollution (Causes)

The proceeding bad activities of humans are causing air pollution in the environment. The greenhouse effect, increment in the Ultraviolet (UV) rays and acid rain are the main causes of air pollution on Earth. Harmful gases like-Carbon Monoxide that is emitting from vehicles, Sulphur dioxide which is releasing from factories etc is also one of the factors of pollution. Sulphur amalgam is present in Coal and Petroleum. On combustion of these fuels So2 (sulphur dioxide) is released which causes acid rain in the environment. Carbon monoxide gas is produced by the partial combustion of coal, natural gas and wood. Burning of solid wastes and liberation of Chlorofluorocarbons from the refrigerators are also the main causes of air pollution.

Effect of Air pollution:

There are several effects of Air pollution on the biotic ecosystem such as wheezing, coughing, breathing problems, asthma etc. One of the most dangerous gas is Carbon monoxide which is extremely poisonous in nature. When it is inhaled it mixes with blood and interferes with its oxygen carrying capacity. On inhalation of carbon-monoxide-rich air it causes headache, dizziness and even lead to death. Sulphur dioxide is noxious and affects our lungs.  In 2014 the New York Times reported that 'India has the highest death rate because of chronic respiratory diseases. 'The top ten polluted countries in the world are China, United States, Russia, India ,Japan, Germany, Canada, UK(United Kingdom), South Korea and Iran.

Method of checking air pollution:

We can also reduce air pollution by the following ways:

  • *Emissions from automobiles can be checked by catalytic converter which converts unburnt hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into harmless water vapour and carbon dioxide.
  • * Government has introduced CNG gas (compressed natural gas) and LPG gas which has down the pollution level.
  • *The government has banned using of the diesel buses.
Latest new regarding air pollution as on March 27, 2014:
  • *7 million deaths worldwide in 2012 because of air pollution:source World Health Organization (WHO).
  • *India as an entire is the third largest producer of green house gases after China(1st) and therefore the US (2nd)-wikipedia.
  • *India ranked 155 out of 178 countries in 2013 :[ Method of Environmental Performance Index set by UNO.]
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