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Apr 27, 2014

317 Words My Best Teacher Essay

(317 Words): Our success and achievements are the due credit of someone who influenced our way of thinking in our life journey and also is  an stimulant that pumped us  in reaching to the destination we aimed at the early time of our life. He is our( or my) best Teacher. Mr X is my best teacher. When I heard many things about him, I decided to get blessed from him for my study. I have grown up under his mentoring and is now a successful person, but the memory of my ideal is still in my mind. One most great thing I want to share with everyone,  it is that he being a great teacher is very honest to his profession. Many students including me used to take tuition from him . But mind me he used to teach chemistry as better in the class as he used to be in home tuition. We used to get taught other subject like mathematics  in the tution. That is why I took his tutoring otherwise his school class for chemistry was more than sufficient.  He used to remained very much dedicated to teach us chemistry and he had great energy and passion while teaching.  He also used to entertain us intermittently so that we could never get bore. I had never been disappointed from his way of teaching.
I had got best guide in my life from him. His style of discipline, attitude,  determination,  perfection , behaviour and humbleness is a great learning for whole of my life. I am thankful to him for being a part my life. How loving you were with me and also with others.   Sir I salute you for tendering me ideal learning values and integrity.

Thank you sir for being with me , for putting smile on my face , for forgiveness when I misbehaved and turning my life wheel to keep on rotating.
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