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Apr 24, 2014

267 Word Essay About Health

Health means physically slim and fit. This is very basic saying about health. Physical fitness comes from healthy lifestyle. Children must be moulded to healthy lifestyle from very beginning. We should avoid buying costly eating items  ( e.g sweets , butter, pouch milk etc ) during festival time. It is because adulteration has now become an uncontrolled process and festivals are the best opportunity for business gain. This time runs in crisis of raw food products and that's why everyone loses his ethic and does all wrongs. We must be cautious and should eat anything intelligently. Next we should put our body at physical exhortation at least once in 24 hours. Walking 4 kilometres a day or playing any game is very good option. We must select a habit which works better for us to throw us into night sleep easily. For example washing leg , hand and face and reading story book before going to bed works very good to initiate the sleeping.  It is most important to remain in feel good sense. This is lacking in many individuals in today's time. The greed of  materialistic lifestyle is giving birth to discontentment instead of peace, tranquillity and happiness. Excess book burden on children is stressing their minds. It is too dangerous to turning them into nation wheel instead we are throwing them at the door of diabetic campus. It is just not healthy for our society.  Beware more numbers of materials and equipment in our lives require more time for its periodic care and maintenance. It is also not required for us to keep in complexity.
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