Apr 20, 2014

Success Comes to Those Who Dare and Act Essay For Class 10

Success is the fulfilment or achievement of one's goal set at long time ago that gives heartfelt happiness in life. After achieving it one can relax on his confidence and enjoy in ecstasy. But it doesn't comes true for all desiring individual,  but is the unreachable and hardly scored gem of few who dare and act to feel it's touch. 

How to dare and act for success (what are success factors): As success lies after an unlocked and  tough barrier , therefore we need an obsession of performance at a pace that is the best for you and that is generally impossible  to come up for a general performer. One must choose the goal or profession which is connected with one's strength. To execute with a comfort the target must be broken into small - small tasks and a diary must be maintained. Creativity comes in mind anytime anywhere as a spark. It must be noted immediately in the physical diary or in an electronic diary like smart mobile (e.g. Samsung Galaxy).  Theses small information of the diary gives brilliant suggestions to produce new ideas. The "to do note" guides us for better and planned execution.  One very important point I am telling here . It is very simple but most important before embarking into business of success. One must know his strength and weakness. Weaknesses to be paid more attention than strength to boost  your strength  further.  It will figure out the percentage and chances of success. Be confident and Perseverant until you reach to your destination. Never take too many advice from others . Because it is his story not yours. Inferior weak people deviate you. As you have done sufficient homework for choosing your success carrier,  therefore intermediate mental fringing is very dangerous.  Only read success stories of toppers of any field. This will keep your dream live. Remember there is no shortcut method to achieve success. Hard work in proper direction strategically unlocks the door of success as there is no substitute of hard work. Hard working individual already has all these qualities.

Type of success: There are  broadly two types of success. One is worldly success second  one is spiritual or End success (success judged and rewarded by Almighty). The spiritual success is the most absolute, unique and pure success for which everyone follows religious code of conduct set by Almighty.  Almighty is worshipped routine wise by everybody to achieve the best success for which this universe is created.  Nobody can dare to achieve ultimate spiritual success, but can try his best to please Almighty for better result. (*If you are not satisfied with this view then comment below. I will be happy to listen your view ).

Today's interpretation of success: Today's definition of success is "making oneself rich and powerful". These attributes need scientific approach of making oneself fit at the top in today's competitive age. This type of success is in vogue because of depleting natural resources and increasing materialistic way of living. Also because of decreasing human value index and shifting of human beings from religion to science. 

How to interact & behave for success: Human behaviour is the key for making you favourite of all , so that one have reason to get attracted by you . This needs that you have to come out from yourself to check your personal branding attributes while dealing with others . If there is any lagging then you must modify it . This must be a  consistent approach to make yourself better and better. Don't  talk unnecessarily.  Nobody like this . Always be great listener. 
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