May 17, 2014

Qualities of an Ideal Student Essay Class 8

(149 Words):The qualities of an ideal student are multifold. Students should primarily achieve physical fitness and moral strength. He should participate in sports, games, physical exercise and competitions. He must be eager for enhancing knowledge. He must be obsessive about thirst for knowledge. It is the obsession of cricket that made Sachin Tendulkar a Master Blaster. To prove the excellence in any field, one must be obsessive about that. Student should worship the knowledge. He should bring the rules and norms of mannered living and defend the right cause. He must help the needy and poor for the welfare of human society. He should be aggressive for service and sacrifice and he should prove it as a role model. His behaviour should be sweet and should have effectiveness in his speech. He should be a like a role model and mentor for encouragement, inspiration, forgiveness, socialism, moral, honesty and integrity.
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