May 11, 2014

Global Warming and Its Effect Essay for Class 10

(479 words ): Global warming is the increase of average temperature of the Earth's surface  due to excessive amount of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide, CFC (Chlorofloro carbons ) etc. Global warming is also denoted by increase in the temperature of Earth surface air and ocean surface. Scientifically the understanding of global warming noticed by reduction in ice and snow,  change in water cycle,  rise in sea level and climate change. The literature of these events coerced scientist to think seriously about the changing pattern of these parameters. 
Global warming is an extremely serious issue. Day by day we are putting risk to our future. 
Since early of 20th century  the temperature of global air and ocean has been increased about 0. 8 °C. It has been concluded that increase in Canon dioxide are the primary reason of global warming. Deforestation 
Effects of Global warming:
The emission of greenhouse gases from vehicle and emissions of CFC gas from airconditioners are creating real danger for our globe. CFC  gases are eroding the ozone layer. Holes are being created in the ozone layer and ultraviolet rays are passing through these holes and it is directly affecting us.

The sea level is increasing. This will submerge the coastal region and thus it will make the coastal people homeless and a big economic loss will be resulted. The land area of the countries having more coastal land will get impacted economically at greater scale. Few island will get vanishes in future.

The climatic shift is another big issue at international level.  The effect of global warming will not equal at all places. It will vary depending on various factors. The ocean current will change its direction. Natural calamities may result in form of cloud burst , heavy rain, sometime drought in many places. Agricultural productivity may also get negative impact due to abrupt changes on climate. Overuse of natural resources at an increased rate is becoming unsustainable for the welfare of human fate and future. The effects are going to be very serious after 50 or 70 years. 

Conclusion and Different view:
All types of unbalances are interlinked. Our society is suffering from unbalanced disparity. Countries are facing economic unbalances. Few people, social groups and even countries have unwanted resources and trying to increase it as much as possible to  secure their future in an extraordinary way. As these groups have extra money and resources therefore they feel to enjoy life more and more by expending lavishly. These concepts are increasing the use of unshared car and are also the reason of using unwanted number of air conditioner. 
  It's not a sin to become rich but is very bad to spend the money in an undesirable and wasteful manner.  This is not bad that the money is wasted but it is adding greenhouse gases and thus playing a role for global warming.
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