May 4, 2014

The Policeman Short Essay for Grade 8

(385 words essay) :The policeman is a responsible member of our society.  He is a government servant.  A policeman is a tall and strong person. His physical fitness is the most required criteria.  He keeps a small rod in his hand.  His duty is to keep peace and order in his area. People feel protected with his presence. He keeps close eye on bad people of the society. He reaches very fast at the place where people fight. His presence at the spot and his dress and personality put a fear of rule in people and the fight immediately gets stopped. If the people do not stop fighting then he takes them to police station for further proceeding. He also uses punishment against bad people. At night he does patrolling in a group twice thus he guards our house property at night. In festival time ; He sends the offenders to the court against judge for final punishment. On the occasion of fair and big meeting he maintain peace by applying law and order. On the occasion of festival he continues his duty for helping people to celebrate the occasion peacefully. It is an extremely tough situation to control his emotion for his family at the festival time. His duty is very hard therefore he should be paid respectable salary. There should also be extra bonus at the  festival time duty. 

Policeman Career: Police job is not an enjoyable one. This is to be selected if you like and want to care about people. One needs a conviction of remaining steady and correct when one see the crying people, brutal scene etc. Sometime one has to risk ones life. This profession is not only arresting and fighting. This profession is for those who have perception to  resolve the problem of any situation.  Personal life is restricted to certain rules and criteria, But it pays more for by performing overtime. Few policeman becomes very popular and people respect and salute them from bottom of their heart for his honesty and style of work. There are four entry stage in Police in India viz. constable, sub-inspector, state police office and IPS Officer. For becoming an IPS officer graduation is the entry criteria and this is conducted by UPSC in India.  For constable it is high school (matriculation / 10 class) 

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