Jul 5, 2014

384 Words Essay On Water for class or Grade 3

(384 Words): Water is one of the most precious resources; which is God gifted to us. We see water falling as rain, flowing in the river, staying in the lake, coming from tap. 3 by 4 part of earth is covered with water. It is very cheap natural resources; which is going to cost more than gold. Is it a joke? Not at all, it is the future forecast. APJ Abul Kalam showed a presentation of human future in which he has shown a child of 8 years is looking as of 60 years old because of water shortage and high temperature. He also pointed that many gun men protecting and guarding water from general people. This prediction has been derived from water history and its present trends. So it is right time to be careful about water future to secure future of the globe.

If history of civilisation is studied then it can be concluded that the entire civilisation from ancient time till date developed near water source. Examples of this civil section are Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Sindhu etc. The success of big cities like New York, London, Rotterdam, Shanghai Paris, Honk Kong, New Delhi etc. is because of easy availability of water from the river; near which these cities are situated. Also all the big cities of India are situated at the bank of river.

 Water fraction in our body is about 60% by weight. Therefore to keep us live water has 60% role. The biggest role of water is in the water-cycle; which causes rain on the Earth. This rain water is the essence of life of all living things. 

Little water is a crisis; huge water is cause of death sufficient water is life. Therefore water needs very important care and efficient water management policy. There must be high effort towards installing waste water recycling Plant. Government must bring a policy and law to economise the waste water recycling Plant to establish the technology in advance. So that there would not be to dig well at the time of need. 

In simple way we can say that we have to save water, we have to harvest water and we have to think while using water to safeguard our future. The time has come for engineers to take the responsibility for ensuring water future. 

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