Jul 12, 2014

Life Without Parents Essay for Class 10

(704 Words ):  Life without parents is extremely painful and bruised for children and directionless for a matured boys or girls. Pain of parentless life is beyond imagination.

Love and affection are ambrosia for us. Only parent after God can provide this magical containment to us. Parentless life has wet eyes that bleeds tears and forget dryness of happy life. The memory of losing parents is too much painful. Hug of parents is like happiness of heaven. Pat of parent is like a medal. Family life with parents teaches us the competence of closeness. One finger hold of parents takes children at the peak of success. We all become socked and full of grief after listening any news of parent loss. We also well acquainted that this loss cannot be made up. 

Unfortunately if any of us become trapped in this teary pit. then we should try to tear out all grief of heart. we need to feel about those many unfortunates; who already have lost their parents and leading life under next born leader of their family. Time heals everything. We need to rely on this saying with a promise to execute the parents' objective dreamed for us. In this way we can change our tears into happiness of ambition.  Death is certain for everyone. Unfortunately someone has to taste it earlier than expected. So it becomes the most prior duty of every parent to remain up to date for inheritance of their financial and physical asset to their loved one. So that the unroofed children have not to run here and there with tears and heavy heart. At least they could catch their future rope as soon as possible to make them (parents) happy in heaven. the unfortunate children need to take the challenge to find their life instead of crawling with tears and grief. I know it is very tough, still we must believe in the life process, because there are many unfortunate of these kinds; who have set landmark examples of winning the game of life. We need to gear up in tough time with this optimism. We should not stop for what we don't have in our life, but we should proceed further to achieve what is possible and believable. We should come to the similar type of children in our society who are leading their life with conviction to achieve a destination in future. There are many organisation and NGOs which are conducting programs for such children. Nobody can stop the system of God; who provide grains to all the birds of the universe daily. These birds have no any plan, and strategy like human beings. So if they can live then why not human beings. I know it is tough. But once we overcome the critical time in our life I can guarantee that the future path automatically becomes visible in the form of side job and earnings. The main question is of bread of the next eating schedule. If somehow it get solved for one week then there comes a time in hand which can be utilised to manage for next week and similarly for next month. 

Our Duty: It is a big tough time for anybody and can happen to anyone of us. Therefore it is our duty to put hand on the head of these unfortunate one so that they could stand up in their life.This is one of the highest prayers to God mentioned in The Quran and in other religious books. You will get surprised what I am going to say here. That Prophet Mohammad S.A.W lost his parents at very early time. There is a proof, how he influenced everybody in his general business and life in Makka before becoming prophet. He ruled the world with his vacant hand. And finally God (Allah Tala) selected him to send God's message to the world. 

I cited this example because these children are very close to God, he will certainly help them to stand up in life. May God give extraordinary strength to these children to stay live in this world and I also wish that May God give rich people a heart of caring these unfortunate children. Aameen!!!
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