Jul 19, 2014

Curiosity is the Mother of Inventions Essay

  (496 words): Curiosity is a strong desire to know something. As depth and width of curiosity spreads its wings, then a new machine or method born as invention. Therefore we can say that the title of this essay has got its justification. Scientific temperament and inquisitiveness assist curiosity to generate invention. Therefore in scientific socialism we can say that curiosity is the mother of invention. 

Curiosity is what my four years old son asks me many questions continuously while passing by market side. Another practical way of explaining curiosity is watching a polar Bear on Discovery channel, inspecting a remote camera with his legs. If anyone has seen this scene then he can perceive the exact meaning of curiosity.

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After buying an assembled computer's packets, we remain very much curious to open every layer of the pack to know the originality of the product, or to see the look of the product etc. We have also noticed that our kids are even more curious to open any packets and we scold them to not be in hurry. So curiosity of the kids becomes so strong that we have to catch their hand to stop them. These are all examples of natural curiosities.

Human beings and few other animals are designed by God such that they want to unlock every unknown and hidden secrets or things in this world. This is the prime drive for any invention. This drives also comes from necessity and from need of overcoming  barrier of human life.

Invention is that new purposeful machine, method, process etc that need strong desire and determination. If anything new happen on this globe we can say this invention. Sometime invention happens because of necessity. At this situation structured curiosity comes in between necessity and invention. Most of the fighter equipment's inventions are the outcome of this type of curiosity. Necessity for controlling the world demanded forced inventions of war equipment and machines. And we may agree that these inventions are proved to be dangerous for human beings because mass human killings were assisted by this type of equipment. So we can conclude that curiosity is bringing us towards devastation.  

When curiosity is pursued for a good objective then healer invention comes into existence. We can illustrate the curiosity of Charles Babbage; whose theory gave us one of the most usable machines as computer. He was very curious student. Mathematics and science were his favourite subjects. He was very much curious about creating a machine; which might not make mistake. As he was very much tired of human errors. His idea was not to create computer but his main idea was to get rid of human math computing errors. Whatever may be the case but his curiosity eventually did the highest wonder in the world. And we got the fastest machine as computer. His curiosity gave birth to a more powerful machine instead of a Math error handler. The curiosity of Charles Babbage found a mountain while pursuing a hill.

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