Sep 19, 2014

Bullet Train in India | A Dream or Nightmare Essay | for class 10

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Bullet train remind us the proverb "Speed thrills but kills." It is such a dream; which may be a nightmare for us.

I think our purchasing power,per capita income, poverty Index, low population of very high income group and national priorities are posing barriers to take a move for massive investment into bullet train project. We also know that about 32.7% percent of Indians are extremely poor as per 2002 economic survey. India's per capita income (nominal) was $ 1570 in 2013, ranked at 120th out of 164 countries by the World Bank.

Bullet train may obviously  be a nightmare for country like us where people have not fully conceptualized "work is worship". Maximum of us try to look this attribute into others by idling ourselves with luxuriousness. High speed train requires intensive and dedicated service and maintenance ;which we still lag. Gorakhdham Train accident in 2014 is a big example of our poor service, maintenance and care for high speed.  I am labelling it as nightmare because I will give supporting facts and figures. Our national priority should be eradicating power shortage, second innovative green resolution, poverty alleviation, employment generation. bringing rural participation in national economy etc. High cost transport like airlines  services are already have no bright and viable income  in India . I saw practically Double Decker AC train running vacant from Durgapur to Howra . The reason is clear that the train fare of Rs. 338.00 for 158 km is dearer than RS. 70. 00 Bus fare from home to Kolkata city. Another example, High cost Project  luxurious shopping mall (like Suhatto and Junction Mall etc. except metro cities) in many places are struggling for its survival. I have noticed personally that almost most of the people enjoy new things once or two after that they think about cost effectiveness and start to compare market prices. It doesn't mean that we can not pay these qualities services. But I will say that till now our time has not got such a value like rich foreigners that we need to travel by bullet train.

Bullet train is a passenger train that travels at very high speed generally above 200 km/hr. Let us compare our competitiveness regarding technology.

Our countries have not developed such level of sophisticated quality spares of bullet trains or for other equipment that will boost our economy. Clearly Japan will get a big market for its companies. We are still at buyer level and our technology has not got global presence like other countries. Economically it is not a viable project. It will only be a show game to get respect among the developed nations. Mind it, India still lives in village. We have not reached at Shanghai's power. Our strength is still agriculture sector, therefore rural infrastructure has to be paid attention. We need massive investment in water management to produce win-win situation for equal distribution of water and to curb flood. We are still fighting for inflation. It reflects our weakness of dependency on natural rain and conditions. One drought trembles our economy.

Bullet train was dream before 19th century. But many countries like Germany, France , Japan Belgium, Britain, China,  Italy,  Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States  had proved their capability in this direction to turn their dream into reality. Japan started operation of high speed train in 1964 and the name bullet train came from this project. Shanghai Maglev is the fastest trains in the world with maximum speed of 480km/hr. Maximum of these countries have very low poverty level and they have global presence in case of technology and quality international product business.

Bullet Train in India had caught big debate in August 2014; when Indian PM went on a Japan Trip. Betterment has always been dominated human society in all times. So enhancing the facilities in Indian Railway is not bad . But viability of any project needs more in depth analysis. We need to compare our strength and weakness with the nation that implemented bullet train. But it doesn't mean to demoralise for any respectable project. What I want to give message that we must proceed with high care and observation. Emotional thinking must not rule intelligent thinking.

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