Sep 26, 2014

Child Labour Essay For Class or std 7

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Child labour is a compulsion of an under age child to do any physical work that deprive them from their childhood and which is mentally and physically dangerous and also which is morally, socially and ethically unacceptable. Prime reason of child labour is pauperism.

Their distress and daily need force them for engaging into easily available low cost physical work to water their fire of hunger. Pauperism is used by our society as an opportunity to exploit pauper children for business gain. In the financial tool of cost reduction of private companies child labourers are fully exploited indirectly. Households' jobs are the heaven of child labour in India and in many south east nations. Due to cutthroat competition of survival, children are more vulnerable for low cost labour. Rural people are much affected section of acute poverty. That is why rural children are forced to go to urban area in search of job.

International Labour Organisation has set laws of child labour specifically, under section C 138 of 1973; which defines that any work performed by children underage of 12, or non-light work underage between 12 to 14 or hazardous work done by 15 to 17 years aged children are defined as child labour. This Convention was adopted by  UNO in 1990 and subsequently ratified by 193 countries.  UNO initiated International Program on Elimination of child labour ( IPEC) in 1992.

There are many rules and laws but child labour is mainly caused by poverty and poverty is a complex issue which we are still struggling for wiping it out from our society. It is very surprising that child labour is a basic tool of poor people to fight against unemployment problem. There is logic to train children in mother technical trade of mechanical and electrical engineering. According to these people this is shortest route to get a job or becoming self reliant. It will guarantee but school or academic education cannot guarantee employment. However there is a chance of accident as children don't have maturity. This thought is being used in many countries by poor to fight against poverty. Taking this into consideration many countries have allowed certain safe technical training of children in which elders are attached with these children.

Many scholars recommend to formulate laws and rules but survival theory never follows any rule. It is because of this reason nothing works fully. Stringent laws may be beneficial on certain level, but it cannot solve the problem. In competition of survival everybody is trying to strengthen his position socially and economically. A high class professional want to at least retain his position or to uphold himself from present level, thereby ignoring all ethics. He never minds to save his money by expending less for his house job, because small-small saving will be a supplement for his rising education cost. Poor guardians are thinking that achieving such a level of education is out of their reach, therefore it is better to train their children from early time in different way of survival. Government usually fails to regulate rising education cost and cannot guarantee job security for poor. We have become highly scientific and least ethical and also we are moulding our children in same fashion. Due to this approach situation are becoming worse.

We need to work for self help for poor. Any government cannot formulate one to one rule for understanding the prevalent poverty among the various type of people biased with different costume, religion and rituals. Therefore our duty is to know closely our people to understand their children's involvement in child labour activities and to support them with available government's facility   so that the children, who are precious gift of God, could be aligned to right path.

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