Oct 10, 2014

My Pet Risked its Life to Save me from Disaster Essay | How your Favourite Pet Risked its own Life.. | For Class 8

Question in details: Write a composition or Essay of about 350-400 words on how your favourite pet risked its own life to save you from a disaster.

(461 Words): We feel very happy when someone does something for us. But if someone Saves our life by putting his life at risk, then it becomes blessing to us. It is incredible  . It can't be explained in words. Once in my life I had been caught into an incident that was a disaster for me. But by God's grace my life was saved by my pet animal (Tom).

The incident took place before two months since my birthday. On that day Tom was behaving very badly with me. It seemed that he was feeling uncomfortable. I think he has got the indication of the event in advance. I couldn't understand what he wanted to express.  So I left him alone for sometime. I was also feeling bad for his unease. I sat to do my homework. My Mom  was talking with my father on some important matter. She went out to give him a shopping bag. She forgot that she put potato for boiling on gas oven. She got busy in doing another work. Potato boiling incident escaped from her mind. I watched my dog again but he was sitting quietly in one corner of the house. After five minutes suddenly fire broke out in our Kitchen. At that time I came out from my study room and saw the fire in the kitchen. I started shouting in fear for help. But there was no one to help us. My pet knew that I was still in my study room. He rushed towards the entrance of the house and started to look for me. The fire was catching my house rapidly. My pet took our water pipe in his mouth. I got the indication of my pet. I immediately joined the pipe with my waterline. What I saw was surprising. When I opened the tap,  my dog jumped into the kitchen with the pipe in his mouth and started to spray water. He did very bold work to extinguish the fire by taking the risk of burning. We human beings generally never jump in flame of fire, but he did at the cost of his life. The other important thing is that my pet is a trained dog that played a great role on that day. He got burn spot on his body. I took him immediately to Veterinary Doctor by leaving everything scattered here and there in my house. Because the life of my pet was more important to me. We got the proper medicine and doctor advice to recover my pet as soon as possible. I was very happy that my dog got well soon and our life again become happy. From that day I use to put more care to listen the expression of my pet dot.

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