Oct 3, 2014

459 Words Essay on Patriotism For Class 10

(459 Words): Patriotism is a sense of inner feelings towards goodness of homeland. It reflects degree of commitment of an individual to protect his society and motherland. It is that virtue which provides strength to safeguard our children, family, society and nation.

In more realistic sense patriotism are the essence of nationalism, love towards motherland, Blind conviction of "my country is always right" and sacrifice for motherland. It is a wholehearted commitment to protect one's country at hardship. Patriots are the assurance of our safety and security. Therefore we can say that they are our most valuable possession.

God already inserted this virtue in us. But everybody has no such power to bring out it from inner side to discharge this virtue to the exterior world except few. It is mental condition that comes up for self defence at the time of need and threat. We saw a lion in its group rushes to attack its enemy whereas others remain far behind as they have no such level of patriotic feeling and strength. Exactly few of us remains more advance than other to secure our society, whereas many of us remain fearful for not making their family vehicle driverless and alone. If a society or country lacks of patriot and remain silent to the exterior enemy then one by one all suffer.

Negative effect of patriotism: 

Patriots sometime harm weak nations in the name of patriotism. It has been noticed that patriotism is helping to create disparity. Disparity is prevailing at international level. The world has got divided into developed countries, developing countries and poor countries. Greed of hoarding, acquiring, exploiting etc has given birth of dominating patriotism. It is very dangerous as it sucks resources of weak nations indirectly. We say it global business strategy. To safeguard disparity many human killing guns, planes, bombs etc have been developed by many countries. Contest is prevailing at international level to develop these human killing instruments. A lot of measures and conference has been taken by international community, World Bank and UN to eradicate absolute poverty by 2030. But it is clear that still patriotism is more important than this subject. 

We can conclude that patriotism is a relative and it is to be applied carefully. Each individual, society and country has different issue and problem that has to be understood by studying respective input references. It is not being looked from opposite side. This small mistake is creating a lot of problem in today's time. Human values are getting vanished with sectarian fight in the name of patriotism. We must learn to live with unity without talking our diversity and by throwing away our hatred. Humanity must be counted above bad patriotism. Patriotism must be equipped with 'live and let live theory".

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