Oct 31, 2014

Prevention is Better than Cure Essay

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Prevention is better than cure is one of the most common and popular proverb.

  Prevention means to avoid and cure means to correct anything that is troublesome or detrimental. Many of us are not stick with the power of prevention until trouble knocks. Troubles or problem cannot be corrected by prevention but foolishness rules the intelligence of right thinking and pleases us to adopt false advice.  

Few facts of Prevention and Cure:  Lubricating a ceiling fan is easier and cheaper than rewinding a burnt fan. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is healthier, cheaper and happier than curing any critical illness. Maintaining balance in society is better than spending huge in military and police to check evil activities in the soceity. 

It can be explained in details with examples like education, crime, health etc.

Prevention and cure of  Health : Critical diseases are not prevented at its dysfunction state and maximum of them are treated at outbreak condition of disease to cure it. Here I would like to explain few preventive steps to be applied in our day to day life to save ourselves from expensive cure method. We should adopt physically exhorting lifestyle to burn extra calorie and to keep our metabolic process in healthy condition. We should never smoke and never drink wine. It is because these push us into devilis land of addiction.  smoking is one reason out of many responsible for heart related disease. Drinkers are more prone to liver failure.  We must get routine checkup of our health yearly. We should clean and floss our teeth before going to bed. If we have idle time then we should  do depth breadthing. After forty we should also aovid fatty, fried food and high protein rich food. These are the basic preventive steps to protect us from critical diseases like heart blockage and kidney problem.   These small preventive steps save us from disaster of critical  illness and financial wastage. 

Education: Building carrier of children is one of the most important duty of all parents. And we know that every student is not good in study.  The weakness of average or poor student can be known in advance and those weaknesses may be minimised well in advance. But it is not cared until the outcome of Examination result. After poor performance in the examination the students have to bear harsh behaviour of their parents. Also all the faults are dumped in lap of the students despite taking responsibility of those mistakes that are ours.  And thereafter curing of  weaknesses are started. But these weaknesses could be prevented by mechanical way of guiding our children. Regular reading of textbooks and writing strengthen boost command on language. We should encourage our son and daughter to solve math sum and to write various mathematical formula on plain paper . 

We also need  to work on our wards for spelling and handwriting atleast twice a week. The three methods (enormous textbook reading , thinking and discussing the completed reading and practicing on paper) are the magical tools that can bring very positive result for any type of student.

Crime: Crime is also a breakdown of small evil behaviour that could be prevented to breed in faulty people of our society. If it could be applied properly than we could not fight with bigger crime and might reduce the huge financial wastage of  security measure. Became one police can not be for a single citizen.

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