Nov 7, 2014

Customs and Traditions of India Essay | For Class 8

(357 Words): Custom and Tradition is a vast subject . Its whole idea cannot be understood in short way. However strong effort is put here to  present  the practical scenario of custom and tradition of India. 

  Usual way of  living, thinking, believing, practicing,  acting and behaving in a particular circumstances is called custom . Handing down of these values verbally (mouth to  mouth)  or practically from generation to generation is called tradition.
custom of the people is immensely influenced by their religion and social values of a particular region.   The reason of this effect is the fact of the life that are birth, life and death and these are controlled by Almighty God. Everyone is fearful of losing life; which is the most precious possession of human beings. Finding better way for reaching to God has produced various beliefs. Other parameters that impacted customs of India are Sindhu civilisation, travellers, immigrants, traders, invaders like Mughal  and British. Sufi, Gajal, Qawwali and naat are the traditional music / song bought in the time of Mughal. Rule and adminstration of British have influenced Indian administrative system. 

Hindi and English are spoken by many people of India. Urdu is mainly spoken by Muslim of India but it is very much prevailing language of Bollywood and is heart of Bollywood film songs.  Therefore writing or listening  Bollywood song in Urdu language is a tradition that is acceptable by all Indian in general sense. Bengali Kannad Malyalam Panjabi Marathi Gujrati Bhokpuri etc are statewise language. Bhojpuri is the main verbal language of Bihar and Utter Pradesh.

India is the birthplace of Hinduism, Jainism,  Buddhism,  and Sikhism, collectively called Indian religions. Except these there are people of other religions like Islam, Christianity and other native religion. Indian constitution permits the   freedom of religious customs. Therefore the people are very much friendly despite diversity. Respecting the values of all religion is an example that exist in India. 

We may say Grih Pravesh,  Annaprasan, Godbharai, Mundan, Tilak , Aarti,  Nikaah , Musalmaani , Marni as tradition of India. Grih Prawesh is a traditional custom of inviting relatives friends and neighbour on a party at newly made house. 
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