Nov 28, 2014

Evil of Wars Essay For Class 6

( 205 Words ) :

Evil of the war is one of the most dangerous outcome of today's developed civilization. Both evil and war were nourished very smartly and intelligently to access more control and resources and for maintaining superpower status among the nations.

Wars bring a lot of miseries in a continuous chain. War can't be stopped by revenge and hostility. Life becomes uncertain and much unbearable. The humanitarian activities also becomes unmanageable. Media becomes biased and gives wrong information for achieving war gains. This results more damage to the common man. Prices of commodities rises or shoot-up. The daily use eatable also becomes unreachable. Insufficiency gives rise to black marketing. It also results hoarding .

The common man murmer under misery and poverty. They find it difficult to make their both ends meet. Sometimes diseases spread and take a huge toll of life. Honest and humble people are rendered homeless in the twinkling of an eye. Simple and delicate ladies are widowed and innocent children are orphaned. Temple, Mosque and towers are labelled to the ground and even churches and hospitals are brutally bombarded. Death and destruction prevails everywhere . Hence wars should be hated.

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