Nov 21, 2014

Globalization and its Effect Essay | Globalisation For Class 12

(676 Words): Globalization word has been used in various senses by the people. However it may be defined as worldwide integration of ideas, development, purpose, economy, market, policy etc. The transformation of regional and confined process or phenomena at global platform is also a part of globalisation. It may also be sensed as unification of men material and method in one chain to localise the global society and Industry.  
Globaliztion and its effect essay

Globalisation started to spread its wing due to complexity of cross-border trade and due to demand of standardising system of differences of the countries. But globalisation has established a lot of positive and negative effects and it is the matter of concern of this essay.  

This word became much popular in connection to GATT agreement (General Agreement on Tarrif and Trade). Whenever the history of globalisation will be written, then GATT the giant leap will sure achieve the golden status in structuring national economy into global economy. It is because this was a great effort to break the trade boundaries. Subsequently in 1994 it gave the path of WTO creation.  Due to this international business became more transparent and easy. But the developed economy grew more rapidly and suppressed the business of developing and poor nation. As a result the big fishes galloped the small fishes. Let me make this clear. In India there were many national and rural industries of electronic products and spares. Also there were electronics technician who were getting employment by repairing electronic goods.  All these medium based technologies, products, industries and technician wiped out after WTO agreement and due to later effect of globalisation. Maximum numbers of technician could not change their profession and suffered unemployment problem. It could be beneficial to us if we could also developed our business model at the same level of product & businesses, but I think we failed because still we could not make a global presence in hardware business. Many countries became the market of giant companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Seagate Sony LG etc. It is because user taste of competitive products and services dominated the global platform.

It does not mean that we didn't gain. Our software industries have achieved high success globally. Tech sector provided a lot of national gains and played an important role in reducing employment problem. All these became possible due to globalisation. A large number of Indian software professionals are working for offshore companies. Computerisation has brought greater positive change globally. Internet has solved many plproblems. In a fraction of second we can compare products and services internationally. Therefore the customer has become the king. We can take review about anything at global level. Doctors can chat for any critical issue of a patient. Banking system made financial transaction very easy. International barrier has been softened. Whole society can now think about the future of our earth. Learning process has become global instead of local. English language is now at its peak success and has played big role for globalising people's thought.  

Environmental issues are still unsolved because cleverness overruling the commitment. Global meeting and gathering are showing very little outcome to save our planet; which future is at threat. 

I think globalisation scientifically got success but socially failed to fulfil its end objective. The entire global plans were counted on numerical senses despite watching the globalisation through the window of social engineering. Still discontentment, disparity, human killings are prevailing everywhere. Rich countries are only working for their interest. The gap between rich and poor is widening more and more. It is very dangerous globally. Globalisation failed to fill this gap. Poor and helpless are not digesting the materialistic luxuriousness. This is creating more problems. Fear of losing materialist luxuriousness forcing society to create more sophisticate fighter equipments. Motivation for sacrifice, live & let live and nonviolence are vanishing. 

Still we are trying to solve global problems by gun and bombs. Fight generates another fight and it is endless. Friendship, commitment, sacrifice are needed to be globalized in real sense. Otherwise its effect is going to be very dangerous in future.

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