Feb 27, 2015

Class Monitor Essay for Grade 4

This essay can also be edited for lower or higher classes. e.g. for grade 3 or grade 5

Monitor is a student who monitors and takes care of the class and students activities in absence of the teacher. He makes the class to keep quite in absence of teacher or when teacher does something.

One boy & one girl of a class are nominated by the teacher for monitor. If these two students get majority of the students of that class , then they become the monitor of the class. If they do not get majority the process is repeated by nominating other two students.

Teacher gives duties to each of the two monitors. They have to bring the attendance register and the teacher's record book from the office. They bring Duster and Chalk daily. The maintain discipline in the class. They have extra power on the students of their class to complain and to suggest teacher for daily class maintenance. It doesn't mean that they will misuse their power against any student. If they do so then the majority of the class can take a decision to replace him or her.

Class monitor must have certain qualities and behaviour. He should be calm and behave in easy way, so that no ignore you. You must be honest towards each student in carrying out complain against any student. You first need to handle any abnormal event in peaceful way. If it is ignore, then a warning is to be conveyed in a strong way. If the situation become uncontrolled then the situation must be complained in very honest way , so that each student respect your honest reporting. In this way any student can become the better class monitor. If someone irritate you by harsh word or by making your cartoon then don't bother yourself. It is the very normal way of objecting the leaders by his followers at many instance and situation. Learn toleration more and more. It is one of the highest virtue of a good leader.

One important advice for class monitor is that Don't mix your mindset with your study. Be a nurmal student just like top performer of the class. Because your purpose is to get education in the school and not becoming a class manager.

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