Feb 20, 2015

A Beautiful Mind Essay

By Max from Russia

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It goes without saying, that the most clandestine and valuable luxury ever dreamt of is the unravelling of our brain power. Scientists all over the world have been struggling for ages to unleash this wonderful arcane.

To the great extent, this article is intended to bring in some key ideas about arising possibilities of our ‘super engine’, which tends to be the most hidden and unknown corner of our world we live in. the main aim of my investigation was to determine and to get across some core approaches concerning our main human organ.

Unequivocally, every sensible human creature plunged into day -to -day routine is subjected to do nothing, but to constantly tackling the up-coming problems of untrivial character, such as eking out ones lively-hood, even when it seems to be almost impossible task, particularly within dilapidating economic framework. Therefore, perceiving and welding the stealth mechanism of attuning our brain to the right beat of the surrounding environment in the appropriate situation and in the right time is to be `the key element of our life.

Basically, in the global psychological practice there is widely-used coefficient of intellectual development –IQ which is deeply implemented in our educational system with an eye to assess human’s intrinsic ability to analyze and appreciate once received information. straight from the last century directly to the present time the dilemma that biased a lot of us to be tossed around is whether intellectual capacities are inherited or not. to bring some light on this dilemma I dare to represent a scientific outcome derived from an investigation led by professor K.stern taken place in Minnesota. Father’s profession IQ of foster children IQ of own children

  • Engineers , doctors etc. 112.6 118.6
  • Businessmen , managers etc. 111.6 117.6
  • Highly -qualified employees 110.6 106.9
  • Average employees 109.4 101.1
  • Low - qualified workers 107.8 102.1

Attentively explored the table regarding the data we can propose that there is significantly more strong correlation between father’s profession and IQ of his proximate children than between father’s profession and IQ of his foster ones. Referring to the result of this investigation the explicit conclusion to be drawn is that the main factor determining the level of intellectual development is nothing , but our DNA

Allegedly, there are several opinions embedded in our mind about how an average contemporary man might ‘push the envelope’. It must be said, that jumping over these barriers is within everyone’s reach. That is why, there are some high - profile hints to comply with, in an endeavour to overcome these ‘so – called’ stints. Firstly, a person encountered a complicated problem has to precisely concentrate on the main aspects of this challenge , then break it down to the corresponding parts as much as possible, bearing in the mind the mere principle that tackling divided problem( instead of solving the whole one head - on ) is the key analytical process of getting over our natural ambits to be implemented. Also, decision – making mechanism as the highly organized human activity is to be kept away from excessive emotions, in order not to create any psychological obstacles seriously impeding the vulnerable intellectual process. Secondly, individual should at least spend 5 or 10 minutes smoothly trying to evoke any viable associations , somehow, related to his problem and finally, according to the ‘slippery – slope’ effect human’s ‘supercomputer’ will tag this task as conspicuously obvious, and sooner or later this tedious cumbersome problem will be converted into minor one and as a result will be successfully grappled with.

In a bid to figure out the uncountable, covered with mist, secrets of our mind and to shed some light on this issue , it would be consistent to represent the following sociologist cal analysis. To begin with , let’s divide the active part (in terms of contribution to the global welfare) of our ‘global community’ into 3 major categories: talents, geniuses and professionals.

Talents are , to the great extent , gifted people who are capable of thinking out of the box (think big!) and as a result they are coming up with new theories or with innovative decisions. Talents usually get off the ground in many different , sometimes , unconnected with each other fields of human activity. To imply this , there is a widespread saying that "talented people are talented in everything ". Paradoxically, but it is a well – known fact that many talents as rather irrational and moody individuals usually fail to be in the line with their school assignments. In addition, most of them are not recognized as individuals with high IQ. Let’s get down to the facts. For instance, Jim Kerry was dropped out of college when he was 16 . Al pacino was excluded from the theatrical college as well . But , latter and former soon became super sought-after actors with impeccable reputation.

Professional is an average mundane person received proficient and indispensable skills, mainly related to the area of human activity he or she is engaged in. Mostly, professionals, as a substantial and the most stable layer of our society, have a strong hand in trivial professions, such as managers, accountants, constructors and so on . Professionals unlike talents, as a rule, have no problems with education mainly because of their rigid psychological state, and strong social bonds. Moreover , most of them get a or b while schooling. However , the range of interests and hobbies is more likely to be less representative rather for professionals than for talents. What can be clearly understood is that the first item in this ‘agenda’ to be thrashed out is secured by a small bevy of geniuses. Literally , genius is ne plus ultra (ultimate) prodigy going beyond any imaginable bounds due to the highest level of the intellectual development. In comparison with talent genius is usually highly organized individual and represents himself as a ‘bastion of rationalism’. Therefore, namely, genius is so productive (do a lot of work in one unit of time) and creates the most powerful and outstanding masterpiece ever created. That is why we should avoid widely - used interpretations that genius and talent both have converging points. Frequently , genius sometimes feel serious difficulties in finding himself in social activities which are mostly entailed by the fact that genius has rather narrow scope of interests and world outlook. Scientifically proved that this tendency is caused by the dissimilar brain development and as a result that always brings about some sort of loneliness and unnatural detachment from the real life. So, some burdensome mental disorders are so much peculiar for them. For instance, such renowned geniuses as VIN cent van Gog , and john Nash suffered from bipolar disorder. Thus, German psychologist and psychiatrist Karl jaspers argued that mentally handicapped geniuses do their best only during the primary(!) stage of the illness, when badly affected consciousness opens up an unreal abyss of the beyond.

Noticeably , but there are two, somewhat, contradicting theories attempting to make out the gloomy mystery veiling the secret of the deep-rooted intellectual distinction so much taken place between human beings. In a nutshell, the first conservative theory claims that there is a strong interdependence between the brain power and the weight of human’s brain (the more human’s brain weights, the more productivity it creates!). However, in history there are a lot of patterns pointing out quite opposite trend. For example, Lenin’s brain’s weight is only marginally heavier than the brain’s weight of an average man. So, there is considerably more room left for another scientific modern and common theory elaborated relatively in the recent times emphasizing the definite correlation between brain creativity and hardly detectable velocity of human’s brain signals (the quicker brain signals are accomplished , the more your ‘supercomputer’ succeed).

The bottom line to be drawn is that once the man unveils the impenetrable etched in stone secret our mind is driven by, everyone of us will be able to completely fulfill his or her lofty goals. Murkily, but it can be seen that possibilities of human’s mind are not at the end of its tether so far, thereby the debates around the hidden perks of human’s brain will never be petered out.

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