Feb 6, 2015

Essay on Pen For Class 8

Pen is more mighty than sword. It brought thought, imagination , experiment theories , values and beliefs of old times to us. Pen is one reason behind all developments and kept human beings to concentrate, think and work on long lasting project to turn it into an invention.

Pen writes happiness and sorrow, birth and death, win and defeat truth and falsehood . Pen has no substitute like fingers. Keyboard ad mouse couldn't defeat it. It challenged them by making itself digital . It is more conventional in hand than any other writing tools. Story, poem, biography, discoveries, song, experiment, thesis, research paper etc are all the creativity of a pen. Human relationship, countries diplomacy , land registration are still endorsed with pen. Pen is so kind to human beings that it break down itself after writing death sentence. It plays various roles in different hands. It saves lives when gripped in the hand of a doctors and takes lives when gripped in the hand of a judge. Written communications are the most authentic and reliable communication. Pen signature are such an important document for security that Banks scan it and preserve it with utmost care. While making payment these signatures are watched every time. It shouldn't be expressed but the fact is that suicide notes are the most acceptable legal document to save family in this type of legal trouble. It is the pen that stacked up ocean of books in the library.

Petrache Poenaru a Romanian physicist studied in France invented the first fountain pen in 1827. But it is Lewis Waterman who invented the first practical pen in 1884. The ballpoint pen was discovered by László Bíró, a Hungarian newspaper editor in 1938.

There are various types of pen for example reed pen, Dip pen , fountain pen / ink pen /nib pen , Ball point pen , Marker pen , Gel pen , roller ball pen etc. The pen has so big market that it is compelling business man daily for its creativity and innovation to enhance their market shares. Once upon a time in India, we only used buy one fountain pen then we were using it by cleaning and repairing it again and again. I think after 1985 the whole concept of using pen had got changed and we started use and throw concept.

Parker, Mont Blanc, cello, Reynolds, Camlin, Aurora, Paper mate , Hero, Sheaffer and cross are the top 10 Pen brands of the world. Cello is the world is best and India's largest pen mamanufacturer with about Rs. 1000 Crore turnover. It is cheapest and best. The group had done lot of research for ballpoint pen and has delivered various categories of pen.

It can be said that pen is indispensible tool. I feel very bad if I loses my pen . Others do not hesitate to steal pen. these facts tell us that being cheap too pen is the most essential ones.

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