Feb 13, 2015

Essay on Recent School Program For Class 5

This essay can be modified also for lower grade student. Read the essay and share your experience of recent program held at your school.

Every year our school organises a very well program on Republic day ie on 26th January. We also say it carnival. This year our school planned the carnival in a great and attractive way by installing varieties of stalls. There were maximum stalls arranged by the teachers with the help of chosen volunteers. The students of higher classes served as volunteers. This time a very good fashion show of children was also held that became very attractive event. In this show the children were asked intelligent questions to check their mental ability and presence of mind at stage. This skill shows the potential of a student in mass or media. Thus nervousness pulse was checked while answering a simple question also.

The main attractions of the carnival was the stalls. There were stalls of activities, food, games etc. The students of class 8 and class 9 were also given an opportunity to arrange a stall of their own ie without the help of the teachers or any other staff of the school. I was one student of class 4 who have given a role of attracting our students and parents with a smile. As I have good attractive personality that I got this opportunity to participate with our elder. As we all were looking to do something from our own therefore we were very excited to show off our talent and to make our stall the most attractive. We made a game stall. It was not like an ordinary game. We made the game quite intelligent and interesting. First we showed our terms and conditions of the game to every participant. Then we took the ticket; which we charged for our game. It was Rs 50 per candidate. We used to give a reasoning question to the participant. If he answers within 42 second then we gave a prize of about Rs 100 and one special sweat for the participant. It was very profitable as well as interesting for the participant. We noticed the parents were more interested in this game. At the time of attending the game we used to play either a music or a song to divert the mind to test the participant's mind concentration in opposite conditions. In this way we tested the participant's concentration also. We also gave sweat to each participant either he won or not. We farely mentioned all this conditions at the start of the game. As whole we enjoyed much in this school program and we received very good appreciation from my friends and their parents.

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